Author Ora Nadrich Releases “Time to Awaken”

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Ora Nadrich’s new book is Time to Awaken: Changing the World with Conscious Awareness. In it, Nadrich makes the case for retaining our true nature – in an increasingly polarized, digitized, and politicized vista.


“There is something about imagining a world that we believe can be, or once was, better than the one we live in presently,” she writes. “It seems that many transhumanists are, in fact, imagining another world to live in that they think will be better than this one, but it doesn’t appear to be the kind of civilization, like Lemuria, where people are evolved, intelligent, and spiritual. If Lemuria was the kind of civilization we aspired to be, it would be an awakened one, not a world that is run by computers, and artificial intelligence.

Where did our imagining of a civilized world go so wrong? And when did we stop aspiring to be evolved, intelligent, and spiritual beings? I believe that our greatest challenge to protect our humanity at this historical time, is to awaken all of humanity, and as Lao Tzu says in his quote above, but for that to happen, you must ‘awaken all of yourself’, first.”

Elaborating on this, Nadrich then states: “We will never realize an awakened world unless each of us is committed to awaken, and from what we can tell over the last few years, we are living in what I described as a ‘parallel universe’, and our universe consists of people who are awake, and those who are not. I would like to think that the pandemic sparked a spiritual awakening, and for millions of people, it has. But there are billions of us who occupy this planet, and unless more people get sparked, spiritually, I’m afraid we won’t wake up in time to see a better world, than the one that is declining now.

I shall remain hopeful, and hold the possibility that as more people awaken, others will too. There is something called ‘spontaneous spiritual awakening’, which is when someone has a sudden, non-dual merging (an experience of oneness, and non-separateness from anything or anyone), and they perceive reality in a complete, divine way, be it religious or spiritual.

Perhaps that could happen if more people awaken, and with a shift in their consciousness, they energetically can help awaken others too. I do feel that there are more and more people on the path of awakening, and can only hope that you, dear reader, are also on this path. Think of the infinite possibilities of a world that truly can be extraordinary, and all that we can create together as a conscious collective.”


I like how Nadrich writes on subjects that could be considered strange, surreal, or tangential. She’s able to ground these precepts in concise arguments, having the proverbial and ideological cake, and eating it too. “I truly hope this is ‘shaking you to awaken you’ so you can realize what is really going on right now.

Practice the Noble Truth of ‘Right View’, and see the world and everything in it as it really is, not as we believe, or want it to be. I do believe that an awakened world is possible, but only if each one of us eliminates all that is dark and negative in ourselves, as Lao Tzu says, so that we can awaken, and awaken all of humanity.”

Claire Uebelacker

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