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frames is an indie-rock band from Central Illinois, who describe their sound as “power pop”. Consisting of Singer, Darcy Johnson, Lead Guitarist, Max Hutti, Bassist, Nathan Logsdon, and Drummer, Ellie Long; since 2019, they have been writing and releasing music together. Their newest tune, “peach pit”, has three awards in tow, for songwriting, engineering, and production.

Hello frames! You have embodied really going THERE in your music. How were you able to really go THERE in your lyrics?

darcy: i think over the years, i’ve learned how to be more vulnerable. when i first started writing songs, i was a little bit more wary about what people would think about me writing songs about them; but now i just write whatever i feel. i’ve found that my music is a lot better when i just word vomit.

ellie: i want our music to reach people that can relate to this music. i feel like our songs are about some relationships with people that everyone can really relate to.

nate: when it comes to writing lyrics, i like to first start by thinking of what i have to say. it’s like writing a paper, i write the longer draft about what i’m talking about and then i further refine it into lyrics, so i always make sure the meaning is still at the center.

What do you want your music to ultimately portray? 

darcy: my message to everyone is pretty much as follows: “people suck, it’s okay to scream about it”. everyone gets let down at one point or another, and i also think it’s perfectly fine to be upset about being let down, or heartbroken, or angry at someone. i want to portray honesty

ellie: i don’t really write the lyrics so much, but they are personal because you are sharing your thoughts with others.

nate: i want our music to always portray experiences that people can relate to so they don’t feel alone.

When you are writing something with this much depth, what is your approach to the lyrics?

darcy: usually, when i write my songs, i do my best to be as blunt as possible. i find that my poetic lyrics aren’t very great, so i stick to what i’m good at, and make my lyrics fairly stream-of-consciousness.

ellie: the music comes first. you have to write a melody of some sort and then think of the lyrics. then the words will come easier once you have some notes to follow with.

nate: when i’m writing, i don’t necessarily worry about writing the final lyrics on the first try, revising and refining is key to making digestible lyrics that convey what we want

Connecting all the dots between the lyrics and music, which comes first?

darcy: usually a chord progression followed by a chorus, followed by a coherent first verse, followed by a less coherent second verse and i’ll throw in a guitar solo somewhere.

ellie: i keep practicing because there is always room for practice. i make sure to practice our originals because it’s our music and i want to perform our music perfectly.

nate: i would say a bit of both. for me personally, i might be humming or playing and start with the music, or more usually, i might write something and then come up with a melody after.

Proving yourself time and time again and showcasing yourself as nothing short of TALENTED, how do you keep centered in just focusing on your music? 

darcy: it’s hard. i’m not going to lie. being an artist, you’re constantly in the public eye, and it’s difficult to know that your work will constantly be judged. something that you’re so proud of is someone else’s least favorite song. it’s a wild thing to wrap your head around.

ellie: i just got to know this one girl who has a great taste in music and she loves our band. she always re-posts and sends our music to her friends to listen to.

nate: i would say you can’t let any amount of success, big or small, influence you too much. focus on makin stuff you want to make, and stuff you’re proud of.

Making more fans as you grow, what has been your most heartfelt connection to a fan?

darcy: There’s a girl from our hometown, and she is the biggest fan of us. i love seeing her come out to our shows when we actually play our hometown. it’s like we’re watching her grow up with us. she knows all of our songs, and dances when we play her favorite tracks.

nate: there’s this one girl that we met at one of our shows, and ever since, when we see her, she is so excited to see and talk to us. she even created this incredible painting of us, which was unreal. if you read this, we love you parker!

What is your next project?! 

darcy: we’re currently working on a new song! I think it does a good job of bridging any gaps between our sounds that might not be super smooth.

ellie: Our next project is going to be a good one. it sounds really well and i’m excited to see how well it all comes together.

nate: something really good, not that i’m biased or anything.

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