Elektra Yao: Artist Visa Lawyer Changing Lives of International Artists and Creatives


You have heard the expression, ‘it takes a village’. Well, it is no secret that this can apply to artists and their teams and support systems as well. Having founded Yao Law Group and specializing in artist visas,  people like Artist Visa Lawyer, Elektra Yao and her team, have proven to be a vital part of that support system by working to obtain artists the right to stay in the country and pursue their dreams.

Elektra Yao, an Artist Visa Lawyer based in New York, is widely known and respected as a leader for international artists, creatives, and entertainers who want to work in the US. She offers services ranging from Artist Visa Services and Trademarks, to Contracts and Entertainment Law. Elektra sets herself apart by the approach she takes to her craft.

Elektra really takes the time to know her clients goals. And as mentioned in this previous client’s testimonial, she also makes sure her clients are informed and confident in every step of the process, answering any and all questions they may have.

“. . .  after talking to Elektra and asking all of my questions I immediately knew that I wanted to hire her as my lawyer. Not only was she extremely kind but she truly made me feel like I was in good hands! What stood out to me was that she took her time explaining everything to me in detail. It turned out that my chances of getting my O1 visa weren’t slim at all.”

She has aided many artists in securing their visas therefore affording them the ability to continue pursuing their careers here in the United States.

Elektra’s incredible contributions to the law profession have not gone unnoticed, by clients or by leaders in the industry. As an award winning artist visa lawyer, Elektra is a member of The American Immigration Lawyers Association, Black Entertainment and Sports Lawyer Association, and The New York City Bar Association. She has also been the recipient of the prestigious Super Lawyers Award the past three years, an award only 2.5% of lawyers have been recognized with as of now. While understanding that awards are not the only important thing in one’s career, the mass recognition Elektra has received from her peers goes to show what incredible work she is capable of.

Elektra is also making a difference in the world through her contributions to up and coming attorneys. Running an internship based on learning real life, useful skills in the field, she is using her knowledge to help women in minority groups achieve their dreams of becoming lawyers, proving that giving back is just as important as your own personal success.

Elektra is well known and respected as a leader for international artists, creatives, and entertainers who want to work in the US. She is continuing to change artists’ lives for the better and expand her legacy in the law profession as an Artist Visa Lawyer in New York.

Visit the Yao Law Group’s website to learn more.

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