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How are you feeling about this year’s music you’ve put out so far? 

So far, I’ve only released one single, “Body of Water” this year. That being said, I feel very positive about it’s release and the momentum it may have started to generate!

The year is coming to an end! What are you doing in these last few months musically?

It’s wild to think 2021 is coming to a close! These last few months of the year, I’ll be preparing to release the B-side to “Body of Water” in hopes that it will be ready for release come January!

What are you working on right now in the studio? 

I just got done with a studio project last week. We ended up taking a really old song from around 2011 and revamping it into something completely different! There is no release date for that song at the moment.

What are your studio sessions looking like these days? 

These days, Studio sessions are looking good from an efficiency standpoint. I usually walk in with two or three songs and together with a producer, select the one with the most relevance to the time before we discuss how to tackle tracking and post-production in the most time/cost effective ways.

Is it just you when you go to record or do you work with others? 

All of the sessions but one this year are one on one with just a producer which has been very easy and carefree. For a while, studio sessions were more loose musical hangouts with the audio equipment running in the background in case inspiration struck.

Who is the person that you want to work with next whether it’s putting them on a track or just producing? 

If I had my way, I’d continue working with producer Damon Sheets who recorded “Man in Full”, “Body of Water” and it’s unreleased B-side. We’ve got a great relationship in and out of the studio and started out as friends before working together so a part of that translates into better recordings just due to the fact that he’s got a pretty good idea of what I’m looking for even before I say it. Unfortunately, he’ll be relocating at the beginning of 2022.

How are you customizing your sound in your next tracks? 

I’m not sure how much “customization” I’ll be adding but I’m going to continue to pursue this new vision for the Dear Genre sound that’s been making its way into these last few tracks.

How do you make sure that you’re customizing your overall vision for your music? 

To me, every artist brings a level of customization to the table simply through being themselves and staying true to their style. By staying true to my sound and vision for the project, I’m making sure that it’s as “custom” as possible.

What is your overall vision for yourself!? 

My current overall vision for myself is for Dear Genre to become financially self-sustaining within the next four years meaning I’m not spending any of my personal money on the project but instead only money Dear Genre has made previously.

How are you leading with love with your music?

It’s always taken a certain amount of love to create music in the first place. Furthermore, I try to give every song I create an edge of comfort and love in the lyrics through familiar metaphors and catchy phrasing as well as in the music through ethereal guitar tones and warm vocal presets.

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