Exclusive Interview With Blooming Fire

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Hello Blooming Fire! It is so great to speak with you today! 

Thank you for having us!

You all are working on new music! Can you tell us anything about it? 

Yes, we’re extremely excited about the new music. We’re going into the studio after our upcoming tour to start laying some of these songs down. Originally we thought we’d put out a full length album but after some debate we decided we’re going to do seasonal releases next year! The new music is viby and there’s a lot more brother sister collaboration going on with the vocals!

How has the recording process been for this project?

It’s been kind of slow and back and forth honestly because we started a video project in April and it ended up taking over our lives but we’re excited that our short film Dunia will be coming out soonish. Once we finished filming that, we went back to working on the new music full time and focusing on our upcoming tour. There’s a lot of moving parts to being a musician and we all still work on top of doing music full time so it takes a lot of coordination but it’s worth it every day!

Any hints on a release date? 

The first seasonal release will most likely be Spring! It will be most likely be more than one song

You all are also playing live shows this fall as well! How has that been going so far? We’re actually gearing up for our first show back after 20 months this week! We have been working our butts off to get ready for these shows and really just can’t wait to connect with people outside of our studio, bring people together with our music and get people thinking with our message

What can audiences expect at a live Blooming Fire show? 

Every show is different and sometimes we magically get whisked away into a jam, audiences can expect harmonies and really amazing solos, raw vocals…it’s a viby psychedelic hip hop kind of vibe that will get you inspired and wanting more! We leave people reminiscing about moments in nature as we are a voice of nature!

Any other upcoming work you would like readers to know about? 

The short film we mentioned earlier is still in the works but it’s coming soon! It’s 4 music videos all a part of 1 visual EP; it’s a coming of age story about growing up in a world of technology being pulled back into nature. We wrote and filmed the entire thing ourselves with the help of many many friends.

Please let everyone know where they can find all of your amazing work!

URL: https://www.bloomingfiremusic.com/loves-you

Thank you for your time!

Thank you!

For press inquiries:bsquaredmgmt@gmail.com

End of Interview

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