Seattle’s Ronnue Releases “Why”

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The newest single by Rapper, Ronnue, entitled “Why” is indicative of the artist’s brash and outspoken nature. It’s a unique hybrid of an original work by Ronnue, that also features Figuz, and footage of Lil Nas X in the music video. Lil Nas X, who just won the VMA for Best Video, earlier in the evening, as I write this, seems an inspiration for Ronnue. Of course, there seems to be more than one inspiration for “Why,” as the song’s focus jumps from art to politics, quite suddenly. Ronnue seems to have a lot on his mind at this point in time, which can likely be said for many of us.


It’s a what you see is what you get scenario with Ronnue. As of now, I’ve been unable to locate much background about him. Ronnue’s persona is loud and direct enough to compensate for that, sort of. “Why,” comes off as being as much of a statement as a song, and the positive is that music seems to be missing that, currently. The most obvious exception is Lil Nas X, who is pushing boundaries, much in the same way that Prince did before him. Lil Nas X and his defiant provocation, has in essence, done exactly what art is supposed to do. He is comforting the disturbed and disturbing the comforted.

For Ronnue, the purpose behind “Why” is seemingly a direct affront to homophobia, particularly within his own ethnic community. His take on current events is at times, hilarious, and at others, fueled by an animated rage. I’d highly recommend viewing the video for the song, as it helps in giving the track more context. Nonetheless, Ronnue’s passion for the topic at hand, bleeds from the speakers, and he remains unapologetic, throughout. There will be moments during “Why,” that are sure to shock and possibly offend some, but it seems Ronnue wouldn’t have it any other way.

As previously mentioned, Spanish speaking rapper, Finuz, delivers a verse on “Why,” and it helps add depth and diversity to the proceedings. Figuz also adds another layer of character, which broadens the song’s appeal. The energy rises as soon as Figuz appears on the track, which seems to enhance Ronnue’s performance. Ronnue is like a speeding driver, taunting the cops to pull him over, throughout the duration of “Why.” His inspiration for the song, seems to derive from a place of deep dismay and protest.

The final verdict on “Why” is one that you are going to have to make for yourself. Some will find it’s element of shock to be off putting, whereas others will see pure comedic gold. The only problem with the latter of those impressions, is that this song is making a relevant statement. Homophobia in this country and especially, around the world, is still an issue that plagues us. Although he is an unlikely crusader, much like Lil Nas X, Ronnue is here to pose the most important question of them all, why?

Claire Uebelacker

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