Aro Rose Releases Highly Anticipated Music Video For Hit Single “Damaged”


Aro Rose has just unveiled her highly anticipated debut music video “Damaged.”  The song has a soulful orgasmic flair that promises to take off like a powerful avalanche. 

Aro Rose sparkles with the beauty and innocence of a fairy princess. Looking like the Illegitimate child of Marilyn Monroe and Cinderella, ARO’s songs come from a rush of passion, sadness, inspiration and destiny. Her music breathes honesty and is authenticated by mesmerizing life experiences.

Aro Rose wants the message of “Damaged” to be that even though you are struggling and dealing with pain, you have to try your best to keep going and fulfill your dreams. Music touches people’s hearts and even if she could help one person feel less alone, she will feel like she has succeeded. 

An accomplished singer, songwriter and pianist Aro Rose is also about to become a successful actor, however her current goal is for people to listen to her story through her music. Aro Rose shines her brightest light by living her truth. Like a diamond she doesn’t ask to shine, she just does. 

Watch the “Damaged” music video by Aro Rose here:

The official website for Aro Rose may be found at

Follow ARO Rose on IG @amandaroseoconnor

“Damaged” Streamink Link:


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