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Describe the heart of your latest single and how it came to be? 

I go back and forth a lot with Anel Saucedo, a producer I work with regularly and dear friend. She is a great encouragement to me, pushing me to believe in my own voice and talent. We started talking about becoming comfortable just being yourself, and the idea grew from there.

What kind of change do you want to impact with the song? 

Comparing yourself to others has become easier than ever. It can feel like content is coming at us from every direction, all day long.

Rather than chasing what everyone else is doing, this song is celebrating exactly who each of us is. Life is a lot more fun when I am freely myself, not trying too hard! I want people to let go and be confident in themselves.

Who did you share with the song first? 

Hmm, probably my husband or my mentor. They’ll help me tweak things by giving me a passive listener response and a professional response.

What has been the fan reaction to it so far? 

Everyone seems to relate to the message, that’s for sure! I’m really excited when people actively listen and understand what we are trying to do.

Take us through the time and effort it took to be able to release the single? 

Well we wrote the song, went through production remotely, talking through arrangement and sending stems, etc. Depending on the turnaround, a day or two away from the song can help fresh ears further refine it. Then once it’s done, I do artwork and metadata, set it up for distribution, start pitching for sync, and start promoting!

So it can feel like 4 jobs in one, especially because I’m continuously writing or in production with other music at the same time. It’s a whirlwind! Which is why it matters so much when people take the time to listen and share it. The whole purpose is to offer our efforts and ideas to others!

Is there an emotional part of letting go of a song? 

Some songs are more than others, but overall I try to be easygoing with the process. I know it can be a downward spiral if I obsess over perfection or people’s opinions. I have to remain motivated to share my work, and that’s it. I’ll continue to learn and grow and I invite others into my journey. If I’m too precious with each song, it will feel unhealthy to me.

Is there an amusing moment that makes you smile when you think about the journey of the single? 

Probably all the bad melodies and lyrics that come out along the way hahahaha. I really just love the process from beginning to end! The beginning of a thought or phrase becomes an entire concept and finished song. When I work with Anel, we go back and forth a lot over the details. It’s a really joyful process for me!

What is a kind word that was imparted with you that you hold onto?

It’s kinda become cliche now maybe, but my sister in law would remind me “be kind to yourself.” I’m typically a people pleaser and like to get along with everyone, but my downfall will be self criticism. I’ve grown in confidence over the years, but am definitely a work in progress. Some days are great, some days are hard or sad. Sometimes I need rest and to just be nicer to myself.

What are kind words you’d like to share with us?

You are not your failures or successes! You’re made for a special purpose no matter what. Be kind, rest when you need to, keep getting up after you fall. You’re not alone in this life full of highs and lows… it’s just easier to see others’ highs and our own lows. Keep paving your way friend!!

Thank you for this positive interview! How do fans follow you?

Thank YOU! 

@nomae.music on ig & tiktok!!

And most importantly stream your music?!

Look up Nomae on any streaming platform!

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