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Hi Blooming Fire! Thank you for speaking with me today!  

It’s our pleasure!

You are gearing up for the release of the visual component of your project, Dunia! Will you tell us about it? 

Absolutely! Our Dunia EP had 4 tracks on it that created a collective vibe and concept if you will. The first track “Dunia” paints a picture in the mind’s eyes of frolicking and basking in nature’s healing energy. The second track “Blame It All” touches the excitement of celebrating youth as well coming of age and opening your mind to new experiences as well as spirituality. “Freedom” exposes the dark nature of the corporate world and how technology is numbing us to our connection to ourselves and nature. The EP ends on a high note with “Bless My Heart” which takes you on an ethereal electronic journey with positive lyrics that convey the power of looking on the sunny side of life and overcoming the obstacles as we all ascend on this existential path of ascension.

When we decided to film the visual component to the Dunia EP we were excited about the prospect of capturing these themes in a storyline type of approach. The overall goal is to portray the balancing act that we are all faced with when it comes to growing up in a world saturated by technology, ego, inequality, and greed while upholding the light and spiritual foundation that helps keep us sane. Essentially it is about learning where you stand amongst all the chaos and beauty in this world. The Dunia Visual EP’s story line follows the life of a teenage girl who goes on quite a few adventures which includes journeying into wormholes and transcending time and space, overcoming the adversity of social conditioning and programming, and ultimately breaking through the confines of it all finding bliss and inner peace within.

How would you describe you all as a band to someone at a dinner party that’s never heard of you? 

We’re a brother sister fronted, activist charged alternative band who prides ourself on  being vocal for justice, sustainability, and equal rights. The message beyond our music is inspired by nature! Our music consists of an eclectic sound with soulful and rock guitar, dubby heavy electronic bass, cascading nature samples, hip-hop flows, bass heavy beats, groovy sax, and powerful lead vocals laced with warm harmonies that take you on a musical ride filled with vibrant imagery.

What is your dream project? 

We see our band as a voice for mother nature. Ultimately it is our dream to live in a community off the grid in cob homes building directly from there which is completely sustainable and waste free. We hope to be able to birth most of our songs and record them right there in the community that we intend to build from the ground up while continuing our journey and raising vibration and awareness throughout the world. It is also our dream to tour using modes of transportation that only utilize sustainable resources and clean energy. We would love to utilize a solar powered stage at every show.

What are you most proud of to date? 

Definitely a loaded question here, because we have shared quite a bit of poignant moments and triumphs over the years. Most notably we are proud that we always practice what we preach and stay true to our message. Raising vibration and awareness can be a very daunting task when so many aren’t ready to hear that message. We have mastered the ability to overcome all the trials and tribulations that have come our way. We have been let down many times and had our heart broken by previous band members, but we have continued to prevail. Now we are at a point where all that hard work is coming into fruition and we are so proud that we never lost faith in ourselves. The feeling is incredibly rewarding.

What keeps you making music? 

Above everything else, we see music as our therapy. When we play music, we are doing it for ourselves first which helps us heal and then we can project the sweet oblivious cure to listeners willing to take a sip. Every member of Blooming Fire works their ass off and has a full-time job in L.A. There are days where we know we need to get together for a session, but we are so tired from working that day it can be challenging. We always find a way to push ourselves into the studio and when we get there, no matter how tired we are, the music lifts our spirits. We keep making music because it is our everything. It is unlike anything else and we feel so fortunate to share that collective bumble of inspiration when we create.

Please let everyone know where they can keep up with you and your music! 

You can find it on pretty much all social media platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, Amazon, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Pandora, etc.

This link takes you to a portal with all of our links and a place to check in on local happenings and tour dates. https://www.bloomingfiremusic.com/loves-you We encourage you to sign up for a mailing list on our website so you can receive notifications on Blooming Fire happenings.

Also if you want to enter another dimension for our virtual experience for the Dunia Visual EP GO HERE!!! https://www.bloomingfiremusic.com/dunia-visual-experience

Thank you for your time! 

Thank you

End of Interview

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