Exclusive Interview with Olivia King

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Hello! Thanks for chatting with me today!

Tell us about your latest release!  

My latest release is titled “Your Loss.” I wrote this one after I heard from a past boyfriend who responded to one of my previous releases from this year, finally apologizing 10 years later. This definitely gave me a lot of new content for my music as a bunch of emotions surfaced. I’m so excited to share this one because I’m sure a lot of my audience can relate to this song. Being dumped and then becoming the best version of yourself without them!

What inspires the music you write?  

Honestly everything. Relationships, situations, surroundings, experiences. I really love to write about true stories.

What draws you to the genre of music you create?

I’ve always loved soulful music so when I started creating music of my own, I always wanted it to have an element of soul in there.

What has been one of the biggest challenges in music that you have overcome?  

A big challenge is figuring out everything yourself with no guidance. It’s definitely hard but can be done if you are passionate. I’ve found ways to do it myself in just about everything in my career!

Do you ever get nervous before releasing new music? If so, how do you work through that? 

It’s more just excitement at this point. I’ve never been too nervous about releasing music because if I’m releasing something, it’s something I love and that should be all that matters!

What is your favorite part of releasing new music into the world?

Getting to help other people through their days. I’ve had so many messages saying my songs have helped them get over a break up or help with their anxiety etc. If I can help just a few people with my music, then it makes it all worth it!

What are some songs or artists you have been enjoying lately? 

 Chika and Cordae have been my go-tos!

Please let everyone know where they can keep up with you and your music! 

 Come hangout with me on my daily live-streams on my I

Instagram: www.instagram.com/oliviakingmusic 🙂

For press inquiries: bsquaredmgmt@gmail.com

End of Interview

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