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Connecting musicians with individuals capable of bringing their music to a wider audience has always been a haphazard affair. Chance, hard work, fate, all sorts of random turns of fortune often dictate who finds favor and who does not. Talent plays an important role in making or breaking a musical career, without question, but the popular music world has never been a meritocracy. Song Angel, however, looks to chip away at that fact, one track at a time.

This new app gives songwriters and musicians a long-needed avenue to close the distance between themselves and potential clients, i.e. promoters, radio station managers, management, music label executives. They have designed Song Angel Wings as a form of in-app currency account holders can purchase and use with the service’s many features. As an example, the Wings allow musicians to know when someone liked some or many elements of a song sent to them.

If you don’t have specific people in mind that you want to send your songs to, Song Angel can help. The app has connections to over 10,000 music industry professionals and can set up contact with these individuals. The in-app messaging system is a powerful tool, as well, that breaks down the remove between user and prospective client with real-time messages. Song Angel’s flexibility is unparalleled in this area.


It also allows account holders to take part in the app’s frequent giveaways. Plotted to drive sign-ups, in all honesty, the giveaways nonetheless provide ample rewards for winning participants. Entries are determined by your user account level (Silver, Gold, or Platinum) and the duration of your membership. Grand Prize winners of the June 2021 Giveaway will receive a custom made guitar from Kretzman Guitars, a song of their choice mastered by gifted engineer Bud Bremner at Coastal Mastering Studios, and written feedback on three songs from award-winning producer John Tomaino.

This is an app invested in your success. Video tutorials are offered for newcomers to ensure you get your money’s worth from their services. Song Angel, likewise, maintains a robust social media presence on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The posts on these respective outlets range from humorous, inspiring, and informative. The broad-based approach Song Angel is taking speaks to their commitment. This is a company in it for the long-haul.

They suspect you are as well. The sort of performers who will likely benefit the most from Song Angel are the self-confessed “lifers” who don’t see music as some sort of hobby, playing in a band on the weekends, belting out cover tunes. Songwriters who play and write because they have no other choice should flock to their service as it provides them with a way to make sure their voices are heard. No more throwing their heart against an all-too often silent wall. For professionals on the business side, no more eyes glazing over as you glance over the “slush pile” of bands and musicians jamming up your inbox or spam folder. Song Angel changes all of that – now.

Claire Uebelacker

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