Exclusive Interview with Kelvin Frazier PHD

Culture, Fashion, Literature, Music

What was it like the first time you realized music is what you wanted to do as your life’s work? 

When I was little I was able to see the power of music at my church where my grandmother was the choir director.  She is a self taught musician where she learned how to play the piano and guitar and lead the worship service with her voice. Seeing how much of an impact she made in the congregation’s life made me want to do music.

Who was the most encouraging with your talent? 

My parents and brother have been my core to help encourage me to go after every one of my dreams no matter how big they are.

Was there anyone that was the least? 

I don’t focus on the least supportive aspect.

You make performing seem seamless. How much practice goes into what you do? 

I don’t count the time. That’s hard to do when you are having a blast. Just keep practicing until things are right. Then practice some more.

With all the successes you’ve experienced in your career, can you recall a time where you were tested in it?

When I was auditioning for a television singing competition and not even getting through the first round, led me to start to doubt my abilities. Then I decided not to let a show dictate my talent and just go after my dreams myself. I just have to fund it myself, but that’s why I got my PhD to be able to do that.

How did you make the decision to keep on going for your goals?

I don’t like to quit. I just re-evaluate and made the best next step to keep moving forward.

Who or what did you turn to when you needed a refocus?

God and my family.

Tell our audience about your latest passion project!

My latest project is “I Be the Best” featuring DEMOLA. It is an old school R&B vibe with a current day twist.

The single is current playing on Urban AC radio for the following cities:


Chattanooga, TN

Buffalo, NY

Augusta, GA

Toledo, OH

Lafayette, LA

Ft. Wayne, IN

Oklahoma City, OK

Columbia, SC

Louisville, KY

Atlantic City, NJ

Saginaw, MI

Dayton, OH

Shreveport, LA

Kansas City, MI

Little Rock, AR

Birmingham, AL

Greenville, SC

Hit them up to request my song.

How did you come up with what you wanted to do next?

I just wanted a fun song that wasn’t a ballad. My producer, Alex Teamer, pitched the song to me and we put my spin to it after that.

How are you making time for everything you do!

Time management is key. Prioritize and conquer!

What are you focusing on right now going forward with your music?

I am hoping to do a tour. Stay posted by following my social media pages (@KelvinMusicLLC), joinging my emailing list (http://eepurl.com/hq0fqf) or checking out my website (https://www.kelvinfrazier.com/) to get the details.

How did that come about?

Working with my amazing team, Bsquared MGMT.

Give us where and how to find your music!


For Press Inquiries: bsquaredmgmt@gmail.com

End of Interview

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