The 34 Best Romantic Dresses for Summer

The 34 Best Romantic Dresses for Summer

Cass Dimicco in a white dress.

Elegance has been the fashion word of the year thus far, with designers across the board leaning into sophisticated design details like A-line skirts, drop waists, and hourglass shapes. Now that we’ve officially entered the summer season, I’ve noticed designers have put a particularly romantic spin on their summer dresses. From delicate embroidery to tiered silhouettes to sophisticated draping and classic necklines, this summer’s dresses are full of whimsical details.

As I’ve been browsing my favorite brands and retailers in search of summer dresses to add to my own closet, I’ve been overwhelmed with too many gorgeous options that I just had to share here. Each one is the perfect mix of sophistication and wearability. After all, it is summer, and I want to look put-together while feeling comfortable in the heat. Whether you’re headed on a summer vacation or simply refreshing your wardrobe for the season, I think the options below are well worth considering. Here are the 34 best romantic dresses for summer, in my opinion.

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