Harvey Weinstein Prosecutors Investigate New Claims, Fall Trial In Mind

Harvey Weinstein Prosecutors Investigate New Claims, Fall Trial In Mind

Prosecutors in the Harvey Weinstein case are investigating sexual assault claims from additional women who have come forward as they look to a possible new indictment against the former Hollywood mogul.

In Manhattan criminal court Tuesday, Assistant ADA Nicole Blumberg said prosecutors have not yet summoned a grand jury but are continuing to investigate a “violent matter” committed within Manhattan that she said was believed to be within the statute of limitations. The plan is to proceed to trial in November. 

During a May 29 hearing for the case, Blumberg had said prosecutors may issue a new indictment against the former mogul, as there may be more women who come out against him and were weighing whether to speak out.

However, Arthur Aidala, the attorney for Weinstein, pushed back against what he saw as a delaying tactic and said Weinstein is “suffering tremendously under his current environment” and that he has been in solitary confinement “all day long,” as he continues to encounter a number of health issues. 

Weinstein was in attendance at the hearing in the Manhattan courthouse Wednesday and was brought into the courtroom in a wheelchair, in a blue suit and clutching a book. He was also in attendance at the prior two hearings. 

Aidala, citing a letter from a doctor, said Weinstein is suffering from fluid in his heart and in his lungs, spinal stenosis, macular degeneration in his eyes and high blood sugars related to his diabetes and the high carbohydrate food being served at Rikers Island. He pushed for the court to “move forward expeditiously,” with an eye to September. 

“We’re very confident of the outcome of this trial,” Aidala said, adding that he believes Weinstein will be acquitted in Manhattan, before appealing in California. There is a lot of light at the end of the tunnel for Mr. Weinstein.”

Blumberg said it was not a delaying tactic but rather a matter of procedure.

“There were a number of women who came forward to indicate that they were raped by the defendent,” Blumberg said again Tuesday. She added that those claims happened in Manhattan and the prosecutors were now working through the cases to determine what falls within the statute of limitations. 

“Some of those women are now ready to proceed,” Blumberg said. 

In April, the New York State Court of Appeals overturned Weinstein’s rape conviction from 2020. The court ruled the judge in the New York County trial prejudiced Weinstein with improper rulings and by allowing women to testify about allegations that were not part of the case.

In a press conference the day the conviction was overturned, Aidala said Weinstein continues to maintain his innocence and suggested he would take the stand in the new trial.

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