‘I Am Watching a Lot of ‘The Sopranos’ Right Now’

‘I Am Watching a Lot of ‘The Sopranos’ Right Now’

Is David Boreanaz about to star in a mob drama? The SEAL Team star is playing coy about his next project, but he did drop a hint about watching The Sopranos in preparation.

Speaking to Variety at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival on Monday, June 17, the Buffy the Vampire Slayer actor revealed he was developing a series as a writer that he could also star in and produce.

When asked to share details about the new project, all he would say was, “I am watching a lot of The Sopranos right now.”

However, when pressed on whether the new series would revolve around the Mafia, Boreanaz replied, “No… You know what, I love suits, I love style, I love cars.”

Boreanaz, who recently wrapped up filming the seventh and final season of SEAL Team, said he’s trying to develop his skills as a writer, noting it’s a “work in progress.”

“I’m really good at the dialogue writing. I’m very good at that,” he explained. “I’m getting better at structure. You know, it is work in progress for me. But I love character breakdowns. I love, you know, story pointing, and all that stuff. So creating, yes. I am very good at creating.”

While Boreanaz wouldn’t reveal much about what exactly he’s working on, he did admit he’s in talks with Paramount+ (which streams SEAL Team) about developing future projects.

“Yep, Paramount+ is a great group of people, and we have had discussions from a director’s perspective, from a producing perspective, from a lead’s perspective,” he shared. “So, some really good stuff on the horizon.”

The Bones alum also said she’d be open to working with Taylor Sheridan, the co-creator of Paramount hits Yellowstone and Mayor Kingston. However, his focus is on becoming his “own Taylor Sheridan.”

“Obviously, I would work with Taylor Sheridan, of course. He is brilliant,” Boreanaz told Variety. “But I am going to become my own Taylor Sheridan.”

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