5 Sketches We Need Ryan Gosling to Do on ‘Saturday Night Live’ Next Month


Saturday Night Live is returning on March 30 with three back-to-back-to-back new episodes, and those of us hoping for a little more Kenergy after that epic Oscars performance on Sunday are in for a treat next month.

As previously announced, the March 30 show will be hosted by Ramy Youssef, with Travis Scott as musical guest. Then, on April 6, former full-timer Kristen Wiig will take the stage at Studio 8H once again with Raye as the musical guest. And last, but most certainly not least, Ryan Gosling will be emceeing the show on April 13, with Chris Stapleton on the mic.

This isn’t Gosling’s first time on the long-lived sketch comedy series. He previously hosted the show in 2015 and 2017 and absolutely brought the house down with memorable sketches on both occasions (even if he did break into laughter a few times).

In light of the announcement that the Barbie star is heading back to the show for a third time, here’s a look at five sketches we’re really hoping to see.

The Nice Guys Are Back

Gosling’s Oscars musical performance of “I’m Just Ken” reminded everyone of a few things, like the fact that Gosling has more charisma in his pinky than most of us can ever dream—yes, he can sing, and whoa, he is not afraid to get goofy.

Those of us who saw The Nice Guy, his 2016 buddy cop comedy with Russell Crowe, already knew just how much he could commit to the bit, and the fact that the film didn’t spawn a full-on franchise of hilarity is a downright shame. However, if he were to reprise his wackadoodle role as the one and only Holland March for the long-overdue sequel in sketch form, that’d be great. OK JANET?

Can You Feel the Kenergy?

Chances are, Gosling’s stint as SNL host is tied to his upcoming action comedy release, The Fall Guy, which features him as a stuntman who has to work with his ex (played by Emily Blunt). However, the pink hue hasn’t fully washed off of him just yet, as evidenced by his Academy Awards barnburner.

Somehow, he has to return to the role of Ken one more time for this SNL appearance, whether it’s as the dimmest contestant on a new “Celebrity Jeopardy!” sketch or a new song in digital short format or another sketch (maybe a dating show for Ken to finally meet his match?). It wouldn’t be Kenough without a new visit from our plastic pal. Speaking of dolls…


Lars and the Princess

The conspiracy theories surrounding Princess Kate’s doctored photo kerfuffle have simply been too wild and ubiquitous for SNL to ignore, and they may still be relevant a month from now. If so, Gosling could pluck another best-of feature from his filmography and revisit in Lars and the Real Girl, with a blow-up doll version of Kate Middleton standing in for Bianca as a rib on the palace’s woeful messaging around the Duchess’ absence.

Yet Another Close Encounter

The “Close Encounter” series must go on in round three, and we can’t wait to see what’s next now that Gosling and his sidekick in alien abduction experiences Kate McKinnon have some more screen history together. Maybe this time, her character will have a vision of becoming Weird Barbie in an alternate dimension? It could happen.

Papyrus 2

Since James Cameron did it again, so must Ryan Gosling. Yes, the digital short that should’ve won Gosling an EGOT needs a return visit in the wake of Avatar 2 because guess what? That film also used Papyrus, but with a few sure-to-be-maddening tweaks.

Saturday Night Live, Saturdays, 11:29/10:29c, NBC

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