Matthew Vaughn Reveals More About ‘The Stuntman’


Director Matthew Vaughn on the set of 'Argylle.'

Director Matthew Vaughn on the set of ‘Argylle.’


  • Second ‘Kick-Ass’ spin-off movie ‘The Stuntman’ is in production.
  • Damien Walters is directing, with Matthew Vaughn producing.
  • The movie will slot between ‘School Fight’ and the ‘Kick-Ass’ reboot.

Matthew Vaughn already had a movie on screens this year with spy caper ‘Argylle’ that revealed teasing connections to his ‘Kingsman’ universe and other potential spin-offs.

Yet while the movie hasn’t exactly been a big hit ($87 million worldwide so far from an apparent $200 million budget), that isn’t stopping Vaughn from building his filmmaking empire elsewhere; specifically for more from his other movie franchise, ‘Kick-Ass’.

Vaughn has talked before about his ‘Kick-Ass’ expansion plans, with a brand new trilogy culminating in a reboot of his 2010 movie about a comic book fan who becomes inspired to be a vigilante –– with painful results.

“Shut up. Kick-Ass.”


R1 hr 57 minMar 12th, 2010

What are the three new movies?

Aaron Johnson and Chloë Grace Moretz in 'Kick-Ass 2.'

(L to R) Aaron Johnson and Chloë Grace Moretz in ‘Kick-Ass 2.’ Photo: Universal Pictures.

First up from the trilogy is ‘School Fight’, a story of two school pupils who battle over a mutual love interest. Directed by Damien Walters and produced by Vaughn, it was shot a couple of years ago, but is still awaiting release.

School Fight

Not Yet Rated

The misadventures of Leo, his wild imagination and his friends at school. When new girl Candy joins the class. Candy brings her baggage, in the shape of her ex Bobby…. Read the Plot

Then there’s what we now know is called ‘The Stuntman’ (which Vaughn previously codenamed “Vram” –– AKA the name of his Marv company backwards).

Variety has new details on that one, which Walters is currently directing, and has already filmed a 1970s-set sequence in the UK. It’ll follow two brothers who become stuntmen.

Walters, a regular collaborator with Vaughn, who worked on ‘Kick-Ass’, the ‘Kingsman’ movies and served as second-unit director on ‘Argylle’ is closely involved with all three.

Which brings us to the new take on ‘Kick-Ass’.

What has Matthew Vaughn said about ‘Kick-Ass 3’?

Director Matthew Vaughn with Chip the cat (playing Alfie) on the set of 'Argylle.'

Director Matthew Vaughn with Chip the cat (playing Alfie) on the set of ‘Argylle.’

Here’s what Vaughn told Collider about the new movie’s concept:

“We’re halfway through it. There’s a very, very dare I say it… and it’s gonna be a cliche coming out of this head of mine. It is a very, very meta universe. It is what, you know, ‘Kick-Ass’ was reinventing and creating an R-rated superhero, and no one was really doing it. This is taking that whole concept to a worthy… Not even a sequel, because I think it’s just a whole new way of doing ‘Kick-Ass,’ which couldn’t be more ‘Kick-Ass.’”

The script for the new ‘Kick-Ass’ is reportedly at least halfway done, but we don’t know whether Vaughn will direct it himself or once more hand it off to Walters (‘Kick-Ass 2’, don’t forget, was directed by Jeff Wadlow).

And from the sounds of it, Vaughn is treating the new trilogy with ‘Kick-Ass’ as an umbrella title, meaning that they won’t directly reference the original movies.

Kick Ass: The Reboot
Not Yet Rated11 minNov 26th, 2022

The young Dave Lizewski tries to fight crime, in a world without superheroes. Read the Plot

When will the new trilogy be on screens?

No release date is on the books for any of the movies yet. There’s a chance that they could all arrive next year, but that’ll depend on when the ‘Kick-Ass’ reboot shoots.

Aaron Johnson and Chloë Grace Moretz in 'Kick-Ass.'

(L to R) Aaron Johnson and Chloë Grace Moretz in ‘Kick-Ass.’ Photo: Lionsgate.

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