The Best Skincare Products for a Post-Pilates Glow


I began my Pilates journey having absolutely no idea what I was getting into. The start of my career as a beauty editor was similar, so it was no surprise that I had to reconsider the products I used on a daily basis. Everyone talks about the more “obvious” benefits of a Pilates-led fitness regime, but have a tendency to skim over the smaller, skin-related details. While Pilates is lower impact than weight lifting or running, it has may of the same (if not all) the same impacts on how my skin responds to physical activity. I don’t perspire easily, but when I do, I notice how my complexion responds to it. Blemishes appear overnight along my t-zone, prompting me to spend extra time cleansing my skin and replenishing essential hydration.

Over the past year of countless mat and reformer Pilates sessions, I’ve had the opportunity to evaluate the pros and cons of every one of the skincare products populating my vanity; zeroing in on the ones that have been the most helpful with delivering hydration, playing defense against environmental aggressors, combating hyperpigmentation, and keeping post-work-out breakouts at bay. Below, I’m sharing the 18 skincare picks I can’t live without as well as my gym bag must-haves. No fitness journey is without its wins and fails, but your skincare product lineup can definitely be all wins.

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