Mahershala Ali is raising money for a Palestinian poet’s family.

Dan Sheehan

January 12, 2024, 2:02pm

Two-time Oscar winner Mahershala Ali is one of the few major Hollywood actors to publicly and repeatedly call for a ceasefire in Gaza. The star of Moonlight, True Detective, and Leave the World Behind signed the Artists 4 Ceasefire letter back in October, and has made multiple pleas for an end to the slaughter on his public Instagram page.

This week, Ali is continuing that support by raising money for Mohammed al-Qudwa, a young Palestinian poet who is trying to get his family out of Gaza.

In collaboration with the Palestinian Festival of Literature, Ali has recorded a video of himself reciting al-Qudwa’s poem “Looking for Haifa,” and asking his followers to donate to al-Qudwa’s fundraiser so that the poet’s family have a chance of making it out of the besieged enclave.

At the time of writing, al-Qudwa needs less than $2,000 to reach his goal, so please consider donating whatever you can.

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