Limp Bizkit Start Playing Korn Song at Louder Than Life Festival


Limp Bizkit have thrown the intro of Korn‘s “Blind” into their sets several times in years past. But it appears they may actually one day complete the in-concert cover, as they got as close as they’ve ever come during their performance at Kentucky’s Louder Than Life Festival last week. Are you ready?

The Fred Durst-led band even swapped instruments for the song. That’s right, Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland was on vocals, Durst was on guitar, turntablist DJ Lethal was on drums, drummer John Otto was on bass, and bassist Sam Rivers was on the turntables. Committing to the bit, it opened Limp Bizkit’s set at their Friday show (Sept. 22).

Watch the video near the bottom of this post.

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As one can see from the fan-captured footage, the re-arranged Limp Bizkit doling out the unmistakable intro of “Blind” clearly delighted the amassed concertgoers at Louder Than Life. How’s that for some classic nu-metal synergy?

Korn “Blind” History

The original Korn recording “Blind” appears on the Jonathan Davis-led band’s self-titled debut album, Korn, released in 1994. The song is one of Korn’s signature tracks and is often considered one of the songs that helped popularize nu-metal.

“Blind” is known for its heavy, down-tuned guitar riffs, powerful bass lines, and Davis’ distinct vocal style, which includes a combo of singing and aggressive, guttural screams. The lyrics cover themes of anger, confusion and inner turmoil.

The success of “Blind” and Korn played a significant role in launching Korn’s career and establishing their unique sound. They would become one of the most influential bands in the nu-metal genre, and their debut album remains a classic of the genre.

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Limp Bizkit, “Blind” (Korn Cover) [Louder Than Life]

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