10 Best Cufflinks – The Final Touch To Any Formal Look in 2023


Don’t let anyone fool you. The accessories make the outfit. And what better way to communicate your superior style than with the best cufflinks a man can buy? If you’re already investing in a tux, then you deserve a well-made pair of cufflinks for some extra panache on a French dress shirt.

Anyone in the fashion ‘know’ understands that the little details matter. But you definitely don’t need the most expensive pair of men’s cufflinks to prove you’ve got taste. All you need is a basic understanding of how to match your cufflinks to the occasion and to your other accessories. 

It may be tempting to choose novelty cufflinks that communicate your interests, but leave the sailboats at home. It’s way more fun to prove you know how to make a seemingly insignificant detail enhance your look. But If you’re set on sailboats, we’re not going to talk you out of it.

We’ve scoured the best corners of men’s fashion to come up with the top 10 best men’s cufflinks to suit every occasion and need. And yes, there’s plenty of opportunity for personal flair.

Our Top Picks

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Few brands embody class and elegance quite like Montblanc. Stunning in their simplicity and subtly branded with the Montblanc name, these durable stainless steel cufflinks are a pragmatic choice for nearly every event. 

While they may not be the cheapest cufflink on this list, you’re investing in a truly timeless accessory by a premier brand. This pairs well with both a suit and a tux, imbuing your outfit with the right details sans any flash. If you consider yourself a tastemaker, these are the best of the best for all occasions.

Material: Stainless Steel | Type: T-bar | Colors available: Silver | Length: 0.8in | Width: 0.4in

You can’t go wrong with gold, but these Alvar cufflinks use slight dimension to add even more depth to a seamless design. Forged in brass and electroplated with gold, these cufflinks have a delicious weight. Plus, nanotechnology gives it that high shine. 

If your other accessories happen to be brushed gold, these glistening cufflinks will definitely upstage them. Otherwise, snag this pair to add some luster to your attire. An elevated gold design for an approachable price point. What’s not to like?

Material: Brass, Gold | Type: Circular T-bar | Colors available: Gold, Silver | Length:  1.5 cm | Width: 1.5 cm

This option is for the minimalist looking for a luxe design at a low price. Merit Ocean uses a chunky, quality stainless steel that feels weighty and uber expensive, but it’s actually quite the opposite. But don’t let the low price fool you into thinking this cufflink is inferior. It’s an Amazon’s Choice and boasts happy (and dapper) customers. 

The thick gold bar, which also comes in silver and black, is highly polished and perfect for laser engraving. And thanks to the accessible price tag, there’s no reason you can’t purchase all three colors and rotate according to outing and outfit. Plus, if bold design or the unnecessary flash isn’t your thing, you can go for the simple rectangular option.

Material: Rhodium Plated Front Face| Type: T-bar | Colors available: Gold, Silver, Black | Length: 0.787 inches | Width: 0.472 inches 

Sure, you can choose cufflinks from nearly a dozen different designer brands, but why not choose a pop of color from a premier brand? Gucci knows how to make accessories feel like they’re from a timeless bygone era yet firmly entrenched in today. These stunning malachite cufflinks accentuated by the iconic Gucci logo achieve just that.

They contain so much luxe look for the price. The circular design made from a beautiful green stone creates the right burst of color against a crisp white shirt. Made in Italy, these malachite cufflinks are said to also have healing and protective properties. Stylish and helpful—thanks, Gucci.

Material: Silver, Malachite | Type: T-bar | Colors available: Green, Black | Length: 1.5 cm | Width: 1 cm

Who better to turn to for a stunning pair of cufflinks than Tom Ford? For decades, this brand has embodied what it means to be a well-dressed man, and these white gold diamond cufflinks are the icing on the high-class cake. 

Sure, these cufflinks look like they were forged in steel, but on a chic white cuff, they’re understated and elevated all at the same time. Though no one can see the ridged ball at the back of the cuff, you’ll know it’s there. 

18-karat white gold with knot indentations surrounds the coil of blackened diamonds for a truly sophisticated look. Be warned—they’re a cool chunk of change. But if you’re looking to show off your expensive taste, these diamonds seal the deal.

Material: 18-Karat While Gold, Blackened Diamond | Type: T-bar | Colors available: Silver

Sometimes, adding one unique detail is all you need to set your cufflinks apart from all the others. And this minimal design has a twist that’s perfect for every day. We love how these rectangular bar cufflinks are rounded for a smooth finish.  

These are guaranteed to soften things up for lovely occasions like weddings. There’s no need for bells and whistles with these men’s cufflinks. The design speaks for itself. And paired with the shocking affordability, that’s a lot of sleek style for your bucks.

Material: Sterling Silver | Type: T-bar | Colors available: Silver

Okay, so these aren’t exactly vintage, but they carry that vintage appeal. And they have that popular mid-century design you keep seeing everywhere. We know novelty cufflinks can feel kitschy, but a vintage-inspired design adds some elevation while still allowing you to express your personal style. 

The navy blue stone and silver wrapped details pair perfectly with either a white or blue French shirt. How great is navy? It’s deep enough to read as a neutral but still gives you a pop of color. You’ll also be happy to know these cufflinks pack a lot of punch for their price tag. So if you’re looking for an elegant conversion starter, here it is.

Material: Lacquer, Stainless Steel  | Type: Swivel Closure | Colors available: Navy/Silver | Length: 0.75 inches | Length: 0.5 inches 

While silk knotted cufflinks are casual, this stunning silver pair catches just the right air of elegance. They’re pretty perfect for a wedding since knots and circles communicate a union. What better way to adorn your suit for your big day than with a symbol of love?

Now that we’ve gotten the corny stuff out of the way, these Suit Supply silver cufflinks are simple yet refined to show you’ve got seriously good taste. Once you see the price tag, it’s pretty much a no-brainer. And if you’re looking for a cufflink to really feel good about, this design is carbon neutral and made with waste reduction in mind. 

Material: Sterling Silver | Type: Knotted | Colors available: Silver 

The South is often synonymous with monogramming. You’re probably picturing a preppy guy looking for a groomsmen gift. These classic Jos A. Bank cufflinks are that ideal gift. They feel classic with just the right amount of prep.

Handcrafted with a textured edge, these cufflinks are brass plated in rhodium. They’re also tarnish-resistant, so they’re in it for the long haul. Not to be redundant, but they really are fantastic for monogramming. So many possibilities.

Material: Brass, Rhodium | Type: Hinged Back | Colors available: Silver

A favorite on the list, these cufflinks prove that simple is usually the way to go. Made in Italy by Hugo Boss, another well-known purveyor of menswear, these square cufflinks are timeless and elegant. You can count on these as a great choice for any black-tie event. 

It’s true that logos often feel flashy, but these cufflinks don’t follow suit (pun intended). The Boss inlaid on a rectangle with a black enamel border feels exceptionally crisp and chic. These are a definite style and a budget steal.

Material: Brass, Enamel | Type: T-bar | Colors available: Black


Regardless of the event, it is always prudent that you match your accessories. If your watch is gold, then gold cufflinks are the best choice for a cohesive, pulled-together appearance. Typically, most cufflinks you’ll come across are made of gold, silver, diamond, or onyx, making coordination relatively easy. 

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There’s nothing wrong with expressing yourself, but dressing appropriately for a function is always a good call. And cufflinks are no exception. Save the kitschy stuff for hanging with your boys, and choose a simple shape and classic color for snazzier gatherings. It’s always better to dress up rather than dress down, so add cufflinks any time you wear a French cuff shirt. Just make sure you know how to wear and put on those cufflinks.


The best shapes for your cufflinks are rectangles, squares, and circles. You may often see slender bar designs as well. While these may seem awfully basic, it’s the materials used and the overall craftsmanship that bring an elementary shape to life. Simple yet suave is always the way to go for a classic cufflink style. 


    • Cufflinks are ornamental jewelry used to secure the cuff of a French dress shirt. They are often square, rectangular, or circular and are made of a solid material. While they were originally designed with function in mind, they have come to signify personal style and taste over time. 

      • Cufflinks are easy enough to attach yourself, but they can be worn in two different ways. “Kissing” cuffs are when the ends are pinched together and fastened. “Barrel-style” places one end of the cuff over the other in a layered manner. Add cufflinks to your wrists for formal occasions like cocktail parties, weddings, charity functions, and other black-tie events. 

        • The best cufflinks for suits are practical yet understated and communicate your personal style without too much flash. Typically, the best cufflinks are black, gold, silver, and mother of pearl. They should add a pop of detail that seamlessly enhances the overall appearance of your formal outfit.

          • If your shirt has a button, there is no need to apply cufflinks (please don’t try). This handy jewelry was designed for a French shirt because they come with no buttons. Cufflinks have the job of securing the cuff of the shirt at the wrist. They are most commonly worn with tuxedos and formal suits.

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