Screambox September Lineup Includes the Entire Gamera Franchise


As Fall starts to creep in, so too does Halloween season, and horror streaming service Screambox is kicking off the month with a colossal stack of Kaiju action.

Among the additions to the service for the Screambox September lineup is the Gamera series. Gamera started life as a rival for /clone of Godzilla in 1965. The giant fire-breathing turtle who flies by spinning at high speed at many low-fi scraps with other gigantic beasts over the years and not all of them were particularly good, but Gamera was revitalized in 1995 with a genuinely excellent trilogy of films that started with Gamera: Guardian of the Universe.

All twelve major Gamera movies are included with Screambox this month, and I highly recommend checking them out if you’re in need of a classical Kaiju fix.

Screambox September Lineup 2023

Other non-flying fire turtle highlights this month include the fascinatingly odd The Witch Who Came From the Sea, the killer crustacean movie Crabs! (which is exclusive to Screambox), Mario Bava’s stylish Blood and Black Lace, Lucio Fulci’s twisty Giallo Don’t Torture a Duckling, and more of the Screambox original series RobDoc: The Creation of RoboCop.

The full list of additions is below.

Credit: Screambox

You can head over to Screambox right now to get a whole host of horror movies, shows, and documentaries.

Gamera is due to make a return this month with the Netflix series Gamera Rebirth due to release on September 7, 2023. So this is a nice and timely introduction to everybody’s fifth favorite mutant turtle.

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