TWO LANES Releases Thrilling Melodic House Single “Movement”


TWO LANES have virtually carved out their own unique lane within electronic music, which is one of many reasons they have over 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone. Well-respected with the industry end and fan end of electronic music culture, it makes sense that they’ve accomplished everything from support via BBC1, Sirius XM, and Triple J, have completed many extensive tours, all while being supported by well-respected outlets.

Now, the talented duo is back with a thrilling single “Movement,” marking the final chapter toward a defining full album release. It’s a darker, melodic house single that is captivating right from the start. Featuring an array of glimmering melodies and soft piano chords, they masterfully weave a hypnotic aura into the track, leaving the listener entirely immersed in the song’s ambiance from start to finish.

“Movement’ is part of our live set and we have played it out many times throughout our tour last year. It is always one of our favorite moments when we perform it because some parts offer room for improvisational moments where we can play a synth voice and effects live. These more ”open” and spacial parts then lead into an energetic drop with a gritty sounding arpeggiator. This track is more on the clubby side of things and shows a different sonic spectrum on the album. It is also the last single before our debut album will be out.” – TWO LANES

Listen below!

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