Creator of Lars Ulrich Toilet Made Iron Maiden ‘Powerslave’ One


Remember Prince Midnight, the man who made that infamous Lars Ulrich toilet back in 2021? Well, it turns out that was just the beginning as he also completed a custom-made crapper fashioned in the style of Iron Maiden‘s iconic Powerslave album cover because every pharaoh needs a throne, right?

Before we get down to serious business and dive into the specifics of this Prince Midnight’s porcelain masterpiece, let’s just get all the silly puns out of the way — “No. 2 Minutes to Midnight,” “Deuces High,” “Bog in the Village,” “Losfer Words (Big Ordure),” “Pooerslave”… okay, that’s enough! Don’t tempt us and make us venture outside of Powerslave puns otherwise we’ll be here until next week.

Anyway, our one true Prince not named Ozzy Osbourne documented the process on Instagram from its conception as a crudely drawn sketch all the way through the finished product and it’s pretty damn impressive. Not quite as impressive as the monolithic sculptures made by the ancient Egyptians who inspired Derek Riggs’ artwork for Maiden’s classic 1984 album, but it’s grand nonetheless.

Check out all the photos below, as well as Prince Midnight’s explanations of the steps he took along the way.

How the Powerslave Toilet Started

Here, we see the first translation of the vision in Prince Midnight’s head represented on paper. “Let’s just say, high level conversations are being had,” he wrote in April of 2022, a full six months before his creation was completed.

Then came what he described as a “fancier mock-up,” promising that it will be “the world’s most insane bathroom.”

How the Powerslave Toilet Was Going

Once the visual drafts were done, work began in mid-August where Prince Midnight began fashioning the pharaoh Eddie head. He noted he was fielding suggestions for the name of this new toilet and that he had also constructed the base with rebar supports.

Here, we see fiberglass being added to Eddie’s head to round out the rest of the pharaoh headdress.

And a look at the sculpted body on which the head rests.

By early September, Prince Midnight began working on the sphinxes seated to the left and right of pharaoh Eddie.

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How the Powerslave Toilet Turned Out

By late September, Prince Midnight added the finishing touches by painting the whole commode and the newly minted throne was complete!

And now we’ll never hear the Iron Maiden lyric, “Into the eyes of the night, watching me go” the same way ever again.

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