7 Best Pheromone Perfumes To Appeal To The Opposite Sex in 2023


Did you know that the 7 best pheromone perfumes can help boost your body’s pH and increase your irresistibility? Moreover, a fragrance can remind the wearer of a friend or loved one. It’s this that makes pheromone perfume such a meaningful gift.

But what are pheromones you may ask? Love may be in the air or, at least, sexual attraction in the form of chemicals called pheromones. From bugs to bunnies, creatures and critters emit chemical signals to entice possible mates.

Smell plays a leading role in potential partnering within the Animal Kingdom. It also sets the scene for human relationships and romance. What’s more, humans have an equally keen awareness of scent. In fact, we can detect around 1 trillion different odors.

According to a paper published by Rutgers University in New Jersey, neuroscientist John McGann explains, “The fact is the sense of smell is just as good in humans as in other mammals, like rodents and dogs.”

Moreover, scent can be mood-changing, memory invoking and help us bond with our loved ones. It takes only a whiff of sunscreen to remind me of past vacations, while a waft of freshly baked bread takes me straight back to my grandmother’s kitchen.

“When a perfume has the ability to trigger an emotion, it becomes part of the wearer’s life,” agrees author and journalist Claire Bingham. “If you find a fragrance that gives you satisfaction, it’s such a joy.”

The best pheromone perfumes are a unique and powerful way to create new memories and give pleasure to those you love. Pheromone perfumes mix with your body chemistry and cause magic to happen. They can help spice up a marriage, reignite a relationship or secure a first date.

Go the extra mile and spoil yourself and your significant other with the best pheromone perfume. For the ideal gift that keeps on giving, check out the 7 best pheromone perfumes. 

Key Takeaways

If you’re looking for a sexy gift for your other half, lose the lingerie, cancel the candy, and forget the flowers. Instead, opt for one of the best pheromone perfumes from my personal repertoire.

When you gift a pheromone fragrance, it won’t take long for your lover to get the message. Whether you choose unisex Pure Instinct to share or invite your partner to bare all with Victoria’s Secret Bare, the best pheromone perfumes really are the language of lust.

Our Top Picks

a bottle of montale arabians perfume
montaleparfumsus / Instagram

Pure Instinct Roll-On

Running the gifting gauntlet can be daunting. There’s nothing better than nailing it with the perfect present. And no worse feeling than seeing the look of disappointment on your other half’s face when you fumble the bag.

Fragrance is always a great gift idea. Especially when you opt for something bang on-trend, like the best pheromone perfumes, which are breaking the scent stratosphere right now. Of all the best pheromone perfumes to choose from, few are as famous and well-endorsed as Pure Instinct Roll-On. This swipe-and-go scent is bursting with fresh orange fruits, crisp musk, sweet honey, and spicy cinnamon.

It claims to contain a potent pheromone formulation imported from Italy that blends with your skin’s pH to create an attractive, magnetic fragrance unique to you. Full disclosure, Pure Instinct’s pheromone-based formula isn’t scientifically proven. However, from my experience and those shared by 70k+ Amazon reviewers, it’s a real compliment-getter.

Top Notes: Mango, mandarin | Middle Notes: Honey, cinnamon | Base notes: White Musk | Size: 0.34oz | Type: Perfume oil | Season: Spring, summer, fall

Alpha Male Pheromone Cologne for Men

From perfume oils to solid cologne, 20is the year of fun fragrance trends. But none have proven as popular as the best pheromone perfumes, a viral phenomenon set to stick around.

Spoil the men in your life with a great fragrance gift, and you’ll earn major bro points. For the guy friend trying to boost his dating game, what fragrance would be better than one that claims to ramp up his sex appeal and attractiveness?

Alpha Male Pheromone Cologne boasts 57mg of “pheromones” per bottle. Yet, it won’t break the bank at less than $25 per bottle. It’s a light skin scent that sits close to the body, drawing people in rather than repelling them. No specific notes dominate or are even listed. But rather a subtle and sweet, sandalwoody aroma that seamlessly blends with skin.

This best pheromone perfume comes in a roller ball bottle. Perfume oils tend not to hang around as long as classic liquid formulas. But I have a few tips to overcome that. Roll the fragrance over pulse points like the inner elbows, wrists, and neck to help projection. Plus, apply after showering when pores are more open to allow the scent to penetrate deeper into the skin.

Top Notes: N/A | Middle Notes: N/A | Base notes: N/A | Size: 0.34oz | Type: Perfume oil | Season: Spring, summer

Tom Ford F*cking Fabulous

Love or hate its attention-grabbing name, this unisex perfume is decadent, exotic, erotic and absolutely f*cking fabulous. So, if you have a little black book to fill, then Tom Ford’s controversial naughty message in an elegant black bottle is a great investment.

This designer fragrance always ranks high in any list of top colognes for men. But this luxurious scent will appeal to women who enjoy powerful fragrances that last from dusk to dawn! A little goes a helluva long way, and it’s not uncommon to catch a full-on waft 10-12 hours after the first spritz. This potency definitely makes FF a fall and winter scent.

Whenever I am hitting the tiles with my wife, we both wear this perfume. There really is no other option. Tom Ford’s private blends blow other scents into the weeds, and F*cking Fabulous is no exception.

Top Notes: Lavender, clary sage | Middle Notes: Leather, bitter almond, vanilla, orris | Base notes: Leather, tonka bean, cashmeran, white woods, amber | Size: 1.7oz | Type: Parfum | Season: Fall, winter

Marilyn Miglin Pheromone

Does this pheromone perfume live up to its description as the ‘world’s most precious perfume’? For around 45 years, this chypre fragrance, with its delicate blend of 179 ingredients, has graced the shelves and dressing tables of countless women.

Pheromone smells rich, luxurious, and intoxicating. Yes, it is a classic, but it’s not stuck in a pre-millennium loop like so many traditional perfumes. Instead, it has a broad appeal for confident, go-getting women. This perfume’s distinctive scent is unique to its wearer, reacting to the body’s chemistry to create a long-lasting custom fragrance that’s hard to beat.

Its green and floral complex blend of notes makes it ideal for women of all ages to enjoy in summer. So, whether you’re looking for a Mother’s Day, Valentine’s, or birthday gift, this ultra-feminine niche fragrance is the best pheromone perfume for ladies.

Top Notes: Italian bergamot, leafy greens, orange flower | Middle Notes: Italian jasmine, geranium, iris de Florence, cassis absolute | Base notes: Sandalwood, oakmoss, vanilla absolute | Size: 3.4oz | Type: Eau de Parfum | Season: Spring, summer, fall

Victoria's Secret Bare

When it comes to the fairer sex, I learned the hard way that it really is the thought that counts. In case you wondered, a slow cooker isn’t a good Valentine’s present for your wife, who hates the kitchen. Since then, I’ve come a long way. Now, I’m here to help others learn from my mistakes by sharing the knowledge that helped me become the (self-proclaimed) God of gifting.

If nothing turns you on more than the scent of your partner’s warm, shower-fresh skin, opt for the best pheromone perfume that enhances, rather than masks, their natural scent. Victoria’s Secret Bare is designed to meld with its wearer’s unique skin chemistry to create a custom fragrance ideal for everyday wear.

Bare seems to perform better in terms of longevity when compared to other best-selling skin scents, like Glossier You, lasting around 4-5 hours. This scent is sweet and sensual, with top notes of sparkling mandarin, soft musk, creamy sandalwood, and violet petals.

Top Notes: Mandarin | Middle Notes: Violet petals | Base notes: Musk, sandalwood | Size: 3.4oz | Type: Eau de Parfum | Season: Spring, summer, fall, winter

Montale Arabians

Gary Chapman coined the concept of the 5 Love Languages. Of these five “languages”, we’re focusing on the most relevant; gift giving. Far from superficial, for some men and women, having their partner invest money and thought into offering the perfect gift is a tangible way to measure their effort level.

If you both share this love language, then splashing out on one of the pricier best pheromone perfumes is a gesture they’re sure to appreciate. With that in mind, let me introduce you to Montale Arabians. This EDP is a rich, warm, ambery fragrance with earthy oud and musky notes. Oud is a complex, heady note. It’s often described as animalistic since it mimics the effect of rugged, natural skin and bodily pheromones.

With Montale Arabians, you get what you pay for. Beast mode longevity makes this the gift that just won’t quit. It lasts on my skin for 10-12+ hours without even breaking a sweat. This unisex fragrance is the perfect sharing scent, ideal for ramping up the romance on that special date night.

Top Notes: Cardamom, lavender, thyme | Middle Notes: Rose, patchouli, vetiver | Base notes: Oud, leather, ambergris, musk | Size: 3.4oz | Type: Eau de Parfum | Season: Spring, fall, winter

Azzaro The Most Wanted

Azzaro bills this fragrance as being for the pleasure-seeker. Yet, while this scent, in its macho matte black bottle is geared towards younger men, it also hits the mark for the ladies.

This Amazon reviewer agrees, “bought this cologne kinda winging it off the reviews, and honestly, I’m glad I listened to them. It’s an amazing smell. Definitely unisex type smell. Hard to describe a smell, but it’s like a sweet spice with a warmness to it that’s not overwhelming… I’d recommend it.”

You’ll often see this fragrance on the most wanted list of best colognes for young men, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s a sweet, spicy, warm fragrance with long-lasting performance and projection. No, it’s not a complex choice, but it does have lots of sex appeal. What’s more, it’s a real compliment-getter, which is precisely what you’re looking for in the best pheromone perfume.

Top Notes: Cardamom | Middle Notes: Toffee | Base notes: Amberwood | Size: 3.4oz | Type: Parfum | Season: Fall, winter

a bottle of azzaro the most wanted on a flat rock
visionaryfragrances_uk / Instagram

What To Look for in the Best Pheromone Perfumes


Love may not come cheap, but the best pheromone perfumes are available in a wide range of price points. Wave goodbye to that dry spell of dating and add AlphaMale Pheromone Cologne to your basket for just under $25. You can even share the love with your mate and choose Pure Instinct Roll-On.

A viral unisex fragrance, which at $16.95, costs less than a juicy tenderloin. If you’re a serious player in the art of seduction, though, your pockets will need to run as deep as your love with Tom Ford’s, aptly named F*cking Fabulous at around $300. If you can move past its eye-watering price tag, who knows where it will lead?


Choosing a scent that checks all the boxes is only a minefield when you aren’t in the know. So, here’s my advice when searching for a gender-neutral fragrance. Forget all those outdated misconceptions. The reality is, regardless of gender, you can wear any scent you like. “Technically, all scents can be considered unisex,” agrees Mariya Nurislamova, CEO and co-founder of Scentbird.

A perfect example of this is my wife’s favorite perfume, Bare by Victoria’s Secret. This fragrance adapts to the individual’s body chemistry to create a unique scent. Its blend of mandarin, violet, and sandalwood creates a musky and woody vibe that is attractive to all sexes, making it perfect for sharing.


On average, the best pheromone perfumes will last 6-7 hours, depending on strength and concentration. Skin type makes a difference too. For example, I have dry skin, so cologne tends not to last as long for me as it does on my wife who follows a rigorous moisturizing routine. The same criteria apply to most non-pheromone long-lasting colognes. For real staying power of around 8-12 hours, F*cking Fabulous by Tom Ford continues to satisfy when other perfumes have long since thrown in the towel.

bottles of pure instinct unisex pheromone perfume
pureinstinct_official / Instagram

Final Verdict

While no one can 100 percent say whether human pheromones exist. One standout fact remains; the best pheromones perfumes are a runaway success. When it comes to sexual attraction, superstar seller Pure Instinct Roll-On consistently earns 5-star reviews from satisfied customers. These 7 best pheromone perfumes give you the confidence needed to ramp up the romance or jump feet first into the dating world.


    • Most men can’t get enough of sweet and spicy scents. So vanilla and cinnamon rate highly as two turn-on fragrance notes. Citrus scents and light florals are up there too. But for me, when it comes to the best pheromone perfumes for ladies, nothing is quite as seductive as a waft of heady musk and sandalwood. Fresh colognes for men with aquatic, masculine notes can also work well for women.

      • Pheromones are hard to replicate, but you can mimic their mesmerizing effect. Jasmine, musk, rose, vanilla, and ylang-ylang are all hedonistic notes, appealing to the skin and alluring to all sexes. If you’re looking for the best pheromone perfume for ladies, the front runner has to be Pheromone by Marilyn Miglin. Love it or loathe it, this chypre floral fragrance launched in 1978 is a timeless siren of scents.

        • Over two decades ago, scientists at San Francisco University found that “women who had pheromone added to their perfume reported more than a 50 per cent increase in sexual attention from men.” They enjoyed more affection, kissing, sexual intercourse, and slept closer to their partner or date. The pheromone debate is nothing new. While some studies say its effectiveness is a myth, others beg to differ. But one thing is sure, smelling great is a real confidence booster.

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