Lit Hub Weekly: March 20–24, 2023


TODAY: In 1925, Flannery O’Connor is born.

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Min Jin Lee on the relationship between language and power • Catherine Lacey on playing the long game • Why every writer should learn how to translate • A brief accounting of the unacknowledged philosophical genius of women • Zoe Fishman on reclaiming widowhood narratives • “The things my daughters come up with are so much richer and more surreal than the three-act conservative fantasies Disney conjures for them.” • The ethics of writing about race as a white woman • Mona Simpson on the role of research in novel writing • Christiane Blot-Labarrère considers Marguerite Duras’s No More • Writing about the early postpartum days of motherhood while living them • Pooja Lakshmin on the dangers of the self-care industrial complex • Searching for Black nature writing • Your pedicure pumice stone was once a foaming mass of gas and lava • The catch-22 of writing poetry about depression • Reading Melville’s “Bartleby, the Scrivener” through the lens of dementia and caregiving • Investigating the nefarious rise (and linguistics) of conspiracy theorists • Celebrating the renaissance of the world’s most venomous animal: the jellyfish.

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