Blink-182 Song Adam Devine Hilariously Lost His Virginity To


There are some pretty cringeworthy stories when it comes to losing your virginity, and actor Adam Devine shared a hilariously awkward story about his first time while appearing on the 2 Bears, 1 Cave podcast with comedian Bert Kreischer. In this instance, Devine revealed that it happened during the one Blink-182 song you probably wish wasn’t playing at that moment.

Devine, whose credits include Comedy Central’s Workaholics, as well as the films Pitch Perfect, The Intern and Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates and TV’s Modern Family and The Righteous Gemstones, set the stage for Kreischer who couldn’t keep from busting out laughing the worse the story got.

“I lost my virginity immediately following a Blink-182 concert when I was like 16 years old,” the actor revealed. ”To set the mood, we’re back at the hotel. I played more Blink-182, cued up the song, not realizing how fucking stupid and ironic it would be, I played ‘All the Small Things.'”

Once you’ve removed your face from your own palm, we can continue with the story, as Devine picks up, “I played ‘All the Small Things’ when I’m losing my virginity for the first time. Like a girl’s like really been and felt my penis and so I’m doing it and so we’re having sex and I realize that, and I go, ‘More like all the medium things, right?’ And she goes, ‘What?’ And I’m like, ‘More like the medium sized things,’ and she didn’t get it. And then I was done.”

When asked how long he lasted, Devine humorously admitted, “Didn’t make it through the one-and-a-half minute long song. There was still a lot left of the second and third chorus.”

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Watch the story play out in the video below.

While that’s a Blink-182 memory Devine will likely never forget, Blink fans will have a chance to walk down memory lane later this spring and summer when the band return to the road with Tom DeLonge back in the fold. They’re currently set to kick off a North American tour May 4 in St. Paul, Minnesota. Get your tickets to see Blink-182 here.

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