Creed Anime Series & More Rocky Spin-offs in Development


Following the massive success of the recently released Creed III, more spin-offs based on both the Creed franchise and the Rocky franchise are in development, according to a report from Deadline.

The new report notes that a Creed universe could potentially be in the works at Amazon, spanning across both film and TV projects. The outlet notes that things are still in the very early stages, but that filmmaker and star Michael B. Jordan has had meetings about a variety of Creed-related projects throughout the past year, with the plans for the universe growing larger following the success of Creed III.

While nothing is set in stone as of yet, Deadline reports that an anime series connected to the Rocky spin-off is in the works, with a companion live-action TV series also potentially happening. Finally, a project centering on the daughter of Adonis Creed, Amara (played by deaf actress Mila-Davis Kent) is also in the works. With Jordan being such a fan of anime, and Kent being such a strong part of Creed III, these two projects in particular could have a lot of buzz.

Outside of the Creed-centric films, a Drago spin-off movie was reported to be in the works last year and would focus on the character of Ivan Drago and his son, Viktor Drago, who appeared in both Creed II and Creed III.

The film, simply titled Drago as of now, will be written by Robert Lawton. He was given the job after impressing MGM following his spec script Becoming Rocky, a script that focused on the making of the original Rocky film. Becoming Rocky never ended up being made, but MGM did bring Lawton into the Rocky world to write Drago.

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