Martial Simon Flips ABBA’s ‘Super Trouper’ Into A Uplifting House-Fueled Hit


Whenever we hear of a new remix of an old classic, we’re always excited to hear, especially when it’s coming from  NYC-based DJ and producer Martial Simon. He’s got a knack for creating infectious grooves and uplifting house vibes, making it only fitting he’s taking this on.

Martial’s rendition is a modern, energetic spin on “Super Trouper” by the 1970’s superstar group ABBA. It whirls you back in time to the glory disco days during the verses, that builds seamlessly among crisp percussion and a bouncy bass line. The drop is anthemic, with classic rave lead adding the cherry on top to this remix.

Here’s what Martial Simon had to say about it:

“Super Trouper is my favorite of the ABBA catalog. And what better way to pay homage, then to add a little dance pop flavor with a synthy drop. It was a treat making this record come to life!”

Listen below!

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