The Rising Asian DJ KROMI Is Making a Name for Herself


Hailing from China, KROMI is a force to be reckoned with in the DJ world. With a background in classical training and a former career as a pop singer, KROMI is no stranger to the stage. She began her journey as a DJ in 2017 after being inspired by Tiesto’s performance at the Ultra Music Festival.

Since then, KROMI has released numerous successful projects, with her collaboration with Ander Huang, “F Boy,” on Spinnin Records being a standout favorite. KROMI’s creative process usually begins with the buildup of a track and then focusing on the drop. She finds it easier to work with vocals and often looks for them to incorporate into her music.

As an independent artist and producer, KROMI faces the challenges of meeting deadlines and expectations from a wide range of people. To stay calm when a project isn’t going as planned, KROMI advises lowering expectations and taking a break if necessary.

KROMI is proud of several achievements in her career, including meeting fans in various cities, and seeing people on the dance floor holding up their phones with her name on them. In her free time, KROMI enjoys watching YouTube, snowboarding, and relaxing at home with her baby dog.

On top of this, KROMI just released a major collaboration with the one and only MOGUAI named “No Secret”. This radio and club-ready song is out now on all major platforms.

To learn more about KROMI and her work, follow her on Instagram and YouTube

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