Hilton Munich Airport â Be Surprised. Be Mesmerised. Be Captivated.


The Hilton – a name synonymous with magnificence and style, famous for its understated luxury and gracious hospitality and the Hilton Munich Airport is no exception.  

Situated in the heart of Munich Airport between terminals one and two it couldn’t be more convenient, with all the high-end facilities one would expect from a world class hotel. This hotel offers travelers a truly memorable stay that will surpass all expectations in business, conference and leisure access. 

The Hilton Munich Airport’s unsurpassed luxury coupled with state-of-the-art facilities and easy access offers an array of individually decorated rooms and suites with beauty in every detail.  


Enjoy a host of services such as a tasteful selection of day-use rooms for long layovers, room service, Fit ‘n Fly Spa – the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long flight, an indoor pool and modern fitness center, and a varied selection of meeting rooms, from the small and intimate to full scale conference rooms with all the facilities and modern conveniences. Top this with a unique collection of dining experiences at the mouth-watering menu of restaurants and bar. 

The modern Nightflight Bar is located in the magnificent glass atrium and is situated beneath massive eighteen meter palm trees which create a chilled and mellow atmosphere perfect for short meetings between flights. They serve a wide selection of craft cocktails and creative and inventive light meals and snacks. A must for the busy traveler. 


Meanwhile culinary excellence is savored in style, at Mountain Hub Gourmet and Mountain Hub Social Dining.  

Mountain Hub Gourmet is fine dining at its best and the perfect choice for guests looking for supreme comfort and lavish indulgence. A gastronomical delight, diverse and cosmopolitan, let Mountain Hub Gourmet’s Chef Stefan Barnhusen and his team take you on a journey of flavors and tantalize your taste buds with his fresh, authentic and original signature cuisine that celebrates and infuses the local dishes of Alpine cuisine. Not only a symphony of flavors but a feast for the eye, each dish beautifully presented with the utmost precision and artistic flair, perfectly balanced by color and attention to detail.   

On the other hand, Mountain Hub Social Dining is contemporary, modern and metropolitan, a center of activity, for today’s generation, for people on the move to meet, catch-up, share and enjoy in a relaxed yet trendy atmosphere, enhanced by superior levels of service and guest relations. Mountain Hub Social Dining specializes in local cuisine and traditional Alpine dishes infused with international flavors. They pride themselves on their natural and organic approach, using only the finest freshly harvested, seasonal ingredients to bring an authentic Alpine flair to familiar dishes, prepared by a passionate team of international Alpine residents. 

Choose comfort. Choose luxury. Choose convenience. Choose Hilton Munich Airport, a world-class international hotel that surpasses all expectations.  

It’s no wonder then that Hilton Munich Airport was recently recognized by the discerning team at Luxury Lifestyle Awards as a winner in the category of Best Luxury Airport Hotel in Germany. 

Expect magnificence and luxury. Find out more about this award-winning hotel at https://www.hilton.com/en/hotels/muctmhi-hilton-munich-airport/ 

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