15 Best Crocs For Men: Top Designs and Styles in 2023


In case you’ve been living under a rock, Crocs are in, and there’s no arguing this fact. The best Crocs for men are no longer eye sores but rather the trendiest footwear around.

Not only does my boyfriend have a pair that have holes in the soles from excessive wear, but I have a pair, too, and can personally attest to their comfort and practicality (even if my boyfriend refuses to wear them at the same time as me).

With dozens of designer collabs and the most fashionable celebrities sporting these multi-functional shoes, I’m clearly not the only one in a Croc-fueled love affair. Whether you wear them hiking, around the house, or *gasp* out and about on the town, Crocs are some of the best shoes to exist, and I’m willing to die on this hill.

Since I’m pretty much Croc obsessed, I’ve rounded up the best Crocs for men to wear today, tomorrow, and years down the line. Think they’re going out of style? Think again. Crocs are back, baby, and they’re here to stay.

Key Takeaways

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it a million times: Crocs are cool. The brand has branched out from the original style to dozens of new iterations and some of the sickest collaborations in the fashion industry. From high-end, designer footwear styles to rugged outdoor models, there are Crocs suitable for every guy.

Keep reading to discover our favorite pairs—once you try them, you’ll understand why they’re the type of shoes that every man needs.

Our Top Picks

Classic Slides With Checked Socks
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Crocs Classic Clog

Sizes Available: US 4-17 | Colors Available: 30 | Style: Classic

Call me a purist, but the best Crocs for men are the originals. The Classic Clogs will take you far, with more than 20 colors to choose from and a lightweight construction. Wear them on the trail, the beach, or the city streets—these Crocs will take you anywhere life leads.

They’re comfortable as can be with arch support and a flexible fit, and the unaltered Croslite construction is easy to clean after stomping through mud all day.

Crocs Offroad Sport Clogs

Sizes Available: US 4-15 | Colors Available: 3 | Style: Classic (adjustable)

If the Classic Crocs are front-wheel drive, the Offroad Sports clogs have four-wheel drive, baby. These bad boys are built for all the rough and tumble fun you can get into with Crocs, minus the slippage.

Comprised of chunky soles, an adjustable heel strap, and durable lugs, these Crocs are the ultimate adventure companion for days when hiking boots simply won’t do (think river crossings, waterfall chasing, and soaking wet beach pursuits).

Classic Lined Crocs

Sizes Available: US 4-15 | Colors Available: 15 | Style: Classic

Just when we thought Crocs couldn’t get any better, they released the lined version. These winterized shoes are the best Crocs for men looking for something to wear when temperatures start to drop.

The classic Crocs are lined with a fuzzy sherpa which makes them even more comfortable than the originals (a feat we didn’t realize was possible). Wear them as slippers around the house or while running cold-weather errands. And yes, it is acceptable to wear them with socks.

Crocs Bistro Clog

Sizes Available: US 4-15 | Colors Available: 3 | Style: Classic (closed toe)

Clogs in the workplace are nothing new, and Crocs came through with a design to trump them all. The Bistro Clogs forgo the classic spotted hole construction and instead opts for a closed toe to follow workplace guidelines.

They retain the pivoting heel but have upgraded slip-resistant treads on the sole to carry you through hospital floors or slippery kitchens with ease. But the best part is gunk and grime wipe right off of the smooth surface, so you won’t have to spend hours returning your clogs to their sparkling glory after a long shift.

These are a top alternative to Dansko clogs if you’re looking to try something new.

Classic Cozzzy Sandal

Sizes Available: US 4-15 | Colors Available: 10 | Style: Slip On

These are the ultimate house slippers and the best Crocs shoes for men seeking the coziest footwear. These sandals are fully lined but opened-toed, which means that you’ll stay plenty warm on chilly floors with enough room to breathe.

They’re super comfortable, and thanks to the thick sole, you’ll feel like walking on air anywhere these men’s slippers take you. Best part? There are still holes for Jibbitz if you feel like customizing them.

Hiker Clog

Sizes Available: US 4-13 | Colors Available: 2 | Style: Classic (adjustable)

Classic Crocs can be a bit limiting. You can wear them in sports or leisure mode, and that’s pretty much it. But the Hiker Clog allows for a more customizable fit, with an adjustable instep strap and a velcro backstrap to keep your shoes in place no matter what terrain you’re walking on.

I’m also a huge fan of the enhanced traction and platform sole, which means your Crocs will stay hole free, no matter how many miles you trek in them. Customize them further with the Adventure Seeker Pack, which comes with travel-themed Jibbitz.

Crocs Fur Sure Clog

Sizes Available: US 2-13 | Colors Available: 5 | Style: Classic

Guys looking for something even fuzzier than the classic lined Crocs should make a beeline for the For Sure clog. This furry Croc style is the coziest one yet, with sherpa lining the inside and outside of the shoe.

Every step you take with these is like walking on a cloud, with a plush interior that will keep your feet warm through the coldest days of the year.

Classic Yukon Vista II Clog

Sizes Available: US 7-15 | Colors Available: 2 | Style: Classic (adjustable)

These are the best Crocs for men seeking something a bit different. Instead of holes dotting the top of the shoe, these feature faux leather uppers that aid in durability and protection from the elements.

They still have the holes on the side of the shoes for breathability and drainage, but rather than the classic heel, the Yukon Vistas have an adjustable velcro system that allows you to get the perfect fit for rugged adventures.

Santa Cruz Slip On

Sizes Available: US 7-15 | Colors Available: 2 | Style: Loafer

They may not be the best looking on the list, but they’ll give your classic summer loafers and boat shoes a run for their money.

They forgo the typical Croc construction and instead feature canvas uppers and a full back. There’s elastic on the side for some give, and all the best elements from classic Crocs rolled into men’s loafers, like nubs on the footbed, extra support, and the brand’s signature sole. Watch out, Sperrys. Crocs are comin’ for ya.

Balenciaga x Crocs Pool Slides

Sizes Available: EU 39-46 | Colors Available: 4 | Style: Slip On

As far as designer Croc collaborations go, Balenciaga takes the cake. They have a handful of Croc mashups, where they take the signature form of the shoe and revamp it with today’s latest trends.

The Pool Slides are a prime example, with a chunky platform and open toe, complemented by Croc’s signature holes for breathability and enhanced arch support. Stick to a neutral colorway for these men’s sandals to play it safe, or choose bright green for an unforgettable summer statement piece.

Realtree Edge All Terrain Clogs

Sizes Available: US 4-13 | Colors Available: 1 | Style: Classic (adjustable)

Woah, we almost didn’t see you there. That’s the power of the Realtree camo on the All Terrain Crocs. This iteration of the best Crocs for men is prepared for anything, from rugged backcountry to slippery trails, thanks to the enhanced treads and adjustable heel strap.

While I wouldn’t necessarily wear these out hunting, they’re designed for more rigorous use than classic Crocs. They can easily replace your chunky hiking boots and even the best walking shoes on some off-the-beaten-path missions.

Echo Clog

Sizes Available: UK 3-12 | Colors Available: 1 | Style: Classic

A streetwear-inspired rendition of the shoes we know and love, these are the best Crocs for men looking for a bolder silhouette and an eye-catching design. They take on a sculptural form, similar to Merrell’s Hydro Moc, with twists and turns and various ventilation port sizes for drainage and breathability.

The nylon backstrap is padded for uncompromising comfort, and the unique design of the shoes will garner compliments even from Croc haters.

Balenciaga Crocs Boots

Sizes Available: EU 39-46 | Colors Available: 4 | Style: Boots

Balenciaga Crocs Boots hit the scene with style. Well, as much style as one can have while wearing chunky rain boots. This designer collaboration features the iconic Croc silhouette on the bottom before extending into a nearly knee-high rubber boot embossed with the Balenciaga logo. No matter where you choose to wear them, everyone will know that you spent nearly $900 to keep your feet dry.

Prefer something more low-key? Opt for the Classic Lined Neo Puff Boot instead that’s a fraction of the price and twice as stylish.

Crocs Campsite Clog x Nicole McLaughlin

Sizes Available: US 4-13 | Colors Available: 1 | Style: Classic/Boot Hybrid

Most well known for her upcycled creations on Instagram, Nicole McLaughlin had one of the sickest Croc collabs… dare I say, ever? This 2020 creation really embodies the adventurous spirit of Crocs (and Croc wearers).

They feature a mini camping survival kit (yes, the headlamp really works), and the ankle gaiters even have little pockets on the back for whatever small items are coming along for the ride. These are definitely the best Crocs shoes for men looking for something practical and stylish—they’re my personal favorite on this list.

Gucci Men’s Slip on Sandal

Sizes Available: US 5.5-14.5 | Colors Available: 2 | Style: Slip On

There’s no disputing the fact that Gucci pulled inspiration for their slip-on sandals from Crocs. Just look at the shape of the shoe and the materials.

Yes, they’re about ten times as expensive as a normal pair, but you’re really paying for the double G embossed logos dotting the shoe. They’re stylish, comfortable, and more low-key than the traditional Croc design—a great choice if you’re not a fully convinced Croc convert (yet).

Cool Dad Sitting On Plantbox
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What to Look for in the Best Crocs for Men


The first thing to consider when choosing the best Crocs for men is the size. Classic Crocs run true to size (albeit slightly wide), so pick your normal shoe size when checking out. It’s worth noting that Crocs don’t come in half sizes, so if you’re in between, size down for a more comfortable fit.


Color is another key factor, especially considering the sheer number of options available. From stark neutral tones to bright hues and funky patterns, you can find Crocs in just about every color under the sun.

Stick with a black, navy, white, or army green pair for daily use, or go with a trendy lavender or construction cone orange to showcase your individual style.


In general, Crocs have a slightly wide fit without much adjustment possible. But if this is something you’re concerned about or want more versatility in how you can wear your Crocs, consider a pair with hook and loop closures at the backstrap to keep them locked in place.


While the hardest part about shopping for Crocs used to be which color to choose, today, it’s all about picking the style—there’s just so much on offer. The classic Crocs never miss, but now there are tons of interesting designs to choose from, offering versatility, support, added traction, and beyond.

If you’re shopping primarily for adventurous purposes, pick a pair of hiking or all-terrain Crocs that have deeper lugs for more grip over rough trails. Shopping for something cozy? Lined Crocs never miss. Want something slightly more stylish? The Echo Clogs will turn heads for all the right reasons.

Brothers wearing Tie-Dye slides
crocs / instagram

Final Verdict

The best Crocs shoes for men come in all shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to find a pair that suits your unique style.

From classic clog silhouettes, streetwear-inspired shapes, and upgraded designs that can handle the roughest conditions, you’ll never find a more practical shoe than the humble Croc. If you don’t where to start on your Croc journey, I stand by my best overall pick of the Classic Clog.


    • All authentic classic Crocs have 13 holes on top of the shoe to allow for ventilation and breathability to keep even the sweatiest feet fresh. The holes on Crocs (especially on the sides of the shoes) also help get rid of foreign objects that may get stuck in the clogs.

      • Crocs fit true to size, but if you wear a half size, it’s better to size down in Crocs to ensure the shoes aren’t too loose.

        • My boyfriend has walked hundreds, if not thousands, of miles in his Crocs across all sorts of landscapes. They’re great for walking because of the arch support and cushion. But if you’re hitting rougher trails, opt for a pair of hiking-specific or all-terrain Crocs.

          • Crocs can absolutely be worn every day, and it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks. Whether you wear them with or without socks, these shoes are practical, comfortable, and versatile—what more can you ask for from a pair of clogs?

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