10 Best Pop Up Wallets For Men: Effective and Slim Styles in 2023


So you’ve decided to make your life easier by throwing away your old wallet and investing in the best pop up wallet money can buy. Excellent choice. Also known as a slide or card ejector wallet, this one-handed innovation uses a trigger release to easily access credit cards with a mere push of a button. The cards slide out in an even fan, so you don’t have to fiddle with a thing.

A pop up wallet combines the best of modern technology with a more streamlined lifestyle. It’s slimmer and sleeker than a billfold and fits easily into either your front or back pocket. There is no bulk either, thanks to the aluminum pop up mechanism on the inside that neatly contains all of your prized cards. But perhaps most importantly, it’s safer than a traditional wallet, thanks to built-in RFID theft protection.

Now that you know you need a pop up wallet, here comes the fun part. Even though pop up wallets are user-friendly and literally made for functionality, the best of the best are attractive. You can choose from premium leather, carbon fiber, and even 18-karat gold (if you’re lucky).

When it comes to the best card ejector wallets, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at the top 9 styles that your credit card can buy.

Key Takeaways

The best pop up wallet is slimmer than a traditional one, with a trigger release to access your cards with just one hand. Slim, attractive, and boasting major card capacity and RFID blocking, the Ekster Senate is my first choice.

The sartorialist and fashion-minded fellow should turn to the stylish offerings of the Tru Virtu cardholder or the plush Ekster Parliament. Slim, lightweight, and made of carbon fiber, the Hayvenhurst minimalist is the best tactical choice.

Our Top Picks

Pulling Out A Secrid Mini Wallet From Jacket
secrid / instagram

Ekster Senate

Material: Leather | Colors: 6 | Card Capacity: 15 | RFID Blocking: Yes

If you want the best pop up wallet, it’s wise to start with Ekster. The brand owes its success to a 2016 Kickstarter campaign that helped it emerge as one of the largest wallet brands in the world. The Senate model is my top pick.

Crafted in premium, environmentally certified leather and with six different gorgeous colors to choose from, it’s sleek, modern, and undeniably attractive. It even comes with a removable elastic cash strap.

Yes, there’s more. Add a paper-thin tracker card, so your pop up card wallet is virtually unlosable. Now add the RFID blocking, and it’s safe to say your money is secure.

Fidelo Black Minimalist

Material: Aluminum | Colors: 6 | Card Capacity: 7 | RFID Blocking: Yes

For the guy who doesn’t care about looks and just wants a solid wallet to hold his stuff, Fidelo is a great choice. It’s not that it’s unattractive, it just isn’t made with fancy stitching like many other options listed here. Ultimately, the Fidelo is a strong budget pick, considering it’s the cheapest on this list but holds up like a charm.

It’s slim, tactical, and comes in a variety of straightforward removable leather cases, should you choose one. Plus, it’s got a removable carbon fiber money clip.

Perhaps the most shining feature is that it’s extremely lightweight. Crafted in 6063 aluminum, this wallet won’t weigh you down. Slip it into your pocket, and you’re good to go.

Ekster Parliament

Material: Leather | Colors: 10 | Card Capacity: 12 | RFID Blocking: Yes

More plush than the Senate, the Parliament by Ekster is the most stylish on this list, coming in even more gorgeous colors than its counterpart, like Roma Cognac. This is the best pop up wallet for the fella who knows his taste and isn’t afraid to lean into it.

Complemented by beautiful stitching, the impeccable premium leather is tanned in Italy using a certified environmentally safe practice. Just like the Senate, it contains the same anti-theft and trackable technology, making it excellent for travel and peace of mind.

Secrid Mini Wallet

Material: Leather | Colors: 5 | Card Capacity: 10 | RFID Blocking: Yes

If you’re a purist who cares about tradition, why not start with the original patented card ejector wallet? Yes, Secrid, the Dutch brand was the very first and has been successfully selling attractive wallets since 1995.

The mini looks more like a beloved diary book, thanks to the worn style of its high-quality leather. As for the details, it’s about as straightforward as you can get. It’s got a little button fastener on top that opens to a small bifold and additional card slots. No stitching here, just beautifully cut leather.

Vulkit Leather Card Holder

Material: Aluminum & Leather | Colors: 6 | Card Capacity: 5 | RFID Blocking: Yes

Like Ekster, Vulkit made the list twice because they’re a high-quality brand focused on a sleek and functional approach to the pop up card wallet. While their slimmest offering only gives you space for five cards, you do get two additional leather slots. That snazzy leather also comes in six different styles to match almost any personality.

So yes, there are other thin pop up wallets out there, but Vulkit prides itself on using top-notch leather. There’s no reason why keeping a low profile can’t look extremely good.

Tru Virtu Card Holder

Material: Leather | Colors: 7 | Card Capacity: 12 | RFID Blocking: Yes

Easily the most adventurous on this list in terms of design, Tru Virtu’s cardholder has futuristic appeal. Definitely for the fashion-forward, risk-taking type of fellow, especially in the sting ray blue color.

At over $100, it’s not the cheapest, but it’s worth noting that each German-made wallet is crafted in a workshop for the disabled in Berlin. They source only the highest quality leather and its automatic fan technology is patented. There’s plenty of room in the added bifold for money and additional cards too.

Hayvenhurst Slim Minimalist

Material: Carbon Fiber | Colors: 1 | Card Capacity: 6 | RFID Blocking: Yes

Not everyone cares about how their wallet looks. Even though the Hayvenhurst takes no-frills minimalist to the extreme, it still has a cool urban, sporty look that many guys love. It’s made of aluminum, but the outside is reinforced in carbon fiber, so it’s guaranteed to be lightweight and durable. You could probably run this thing over with a truck (but try not to).

It doesn’t hold a ton of cards, only about 6, but again, no frills. No fuss. A multi-purpose cash strap is the most elaborate feature here.

Vulkit Credit Card Holder

Material: PU Leather | Colors: 7 | Card Capacity: 9 | RFID Blocking: Yes

Much like Ekster, Vulkit is also a new brand, established in 2015, but with roots in Hong Kong. It’s another sleek option, especially in the navy color with cross-hatching. The stitching is impeccable, and some of the brown leather color choices have a manly, vintage appeal. Needless to say, it’s a looker.

This is the closest you’ll get to a traditional wallet on this list. It unfolds into a three-part fold with a clear ID window, so you don’t have to bother removing your license. There’s also a coin purse at the back, perfect for holding change or an Apple air tag. It’s not common to find, but if you’re in need of a place to stash some quarters or euros on holiday, this is the best pop up wallet.

Ekster 18K Gold Cardholder

Material: Gold & Stainless Steel | Colors: 1 | Card Capacity: 15 | RFID Blocking: Yes

One can dream, right? The 18-karat gold cardholder by Ekster is obviously a splurge, but honestly, it’s worth every penny if you can make it work. Especially if you consider that it’s insanely durable and should last a lifetime if you take care of it. The body is super slim, yet holds a whopping 15 credit cards total, thanks to an expandable back plate. It also boasts a reinforced stainless steel button.

If you can’t justify buying it for yourself, it makes an excellent gift, thanks to premium gift packaging with gold accents. And remember, sometimes you’ve got to spend money to make money. Something’s got to hold that black card.

Normest Airtag Slide Wallet

Material: Leather | Colors: 4 | Card Capacity: 14 | RFID Blocking: Yes

Don’t be fooled by the smooth look of the premium, environmentally-certified leather. This bad boy is geared up for the modern era. Not only do five cards pop out of its sliding mechanism, but it’s specifically designed for holding an Apple Air tag right on the front of the wallet. That way, you’ll never have to worry about losing your wallet, so long as you’ve got your iPhone handy.

Other than that, the Normest is sleek and understated. Except that it can hold a whopping 14 cards. If that’s not enough to hook you, then perhaps the lifetime warranty might appeal. Plus, there’s an ironclad 45-day money-back guarantee. Why not give it a go?

Vulkit wallet Fits Perfectly In Front Pocket
vulkit / instagram

What To Look For In The Best Pop Up Wallets


The best pop up wallet will be crafted out of aluminum in order to contain the pop up mechanism. The outside of the wallet, however, is where the fun is. Sure, some have that aluminum look, but others are covered in beautiful leather or durable carbon fiber.

Card capacity

It’s essential that you know how many cards a potential pop up wallet holds. If you carry lots of credit cards, membership cards, and forms of ID, you’ll want to choose a wallet with enough capacity. Unless you’re a true minimalist, more is usually better. Make sure your pop up wallet has at least 5 or 6 slots for cards.


These days, unfortunately, financial theft is a part of life. The best pop up wallet, however, will do its very best to ensure that your credit cards are safe. Make sure the card pop up wallet you choose is RFID protected, meaning that it blocks your card’s electromagnetic signal.

Holding An Ekster Senate Wallet
eksterwallets / instagram

Final Verdict 

The best pop up wallet is going to be safe and easy to use. The Ekster Senate is the top choice, because it holds a high number of cards, contains a cash strap, and looks great.

That doesn’t mean the other options on this list don’t deserve a fair shake, though. Preference is key in a long-lasting wallet, so choose one that matches your personality along with your money-carrying needs.


    • Pop up wallets use a trigger release, usually in the form of a button in the lower corner of the wallet, so the cards pop out of the top in an evenly distributed manner.

      • The typical pop up wallet will hold anywhere from five to fifteen credit cards at once. Many utilized the card ejector section as well as additional pockets in the front or back of the wallet for extra storage.

        • It won’t be difficult to find a pop up wallet that’s RFID protected, which is always a good choice to keep your money safe. Just make sure you double-check before purchasing because there’s no guarantee every pop up wallet will offer the RFID feature.

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