Pop Artist Munn Drops EDM Banger With Delanie Leclerc, “I Pick Loneliness” – CADU! Remix.


Pop Artist Munn releases a club banger titled, “I Pick Loneliness” – CADU! Remix with rising star Delanie Leclerc. Munn, known for his great vocals and mainstream success as an independent artist delivers yet again with an EDM dance record. The 3 minute song starts with Munn on the hook and Delanie Leclerc soon follows up with a seamlessly perfect verse. CADU!, a young EDM producer added the EDM sauce to this record and truly brought it all together. This is the perfect record for a party, club, lounge, or any function that involves dancing! Munn is on his way to heights rarely reached by independent artists and rightfully so. Stay tuned to see what he has in store next.

Check His Instagram and Spotify below! (@itismunn)

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