Heavy Hitter TreyfromnextDoor Is Gearing Up For 2023


Making a name in the music world is something the majority of indie artists struggle with. From planning releases, to booking shows, not all can keep up with the trends and demands within progressive music culture. After navigating the pandemic, many artists fell short of being able to finance their careers and invest in themselves, many turned to online concerts with success, whereas many lost their sense of direction. When it comes to showcasing commitment to one’s platform and persevering through unprecedented times, one artist comes to mind. Meet Treyfromnextdoor. 

Treyfromnextdoor is known for his distinct records that produce intoxicating rhythms. He stands out for his laid back, catchy and bass heavy vibes. Trey’s music offers everything and more of what listeners expect from bass heavy production. His music has a rhythmic craft, an emotional factor, and above all, solid bass lines that will make anyone dance. Trey’s unique flow not only makes his songs deeply engrossing but engaging as well.

Some of Trey’s smash hits include “2 Seater” “Louis V,” “Love Sound,” “Laughed Last,” and “McChicken.” Despite having the gifted skills of a producer and a refined sense of music, finding his space in this extremely competitive industry was not easy for Trey. He initially struggled to pave his way into the space as a budding artist seeking an audience. However, Treyfromnextdoor overcame this challenge through valuable industry networking and working hard on his craft to become better with every new release.

As an artist who made his way into the music industry without any guide or mentor, Treyfromnextdoor always emphasizes being original. His advice to aspiring talents is to never be a cheap copy of a trend just to be in the limelight. Trends fade, and so does fame. It is always a good idea to be original and create a niche audience who will become loyal followers. Treyfromnextdoor also believes that being in the company of the right people who share similar ideas and enthusiasm can also motivate you to work harder towards your goals.

Treyfromnextdoor will continue producing more refreshing and unique records, adding a few more millions of streams on his digital platforms. He is also looking forward to performing at some of the top global music events in the coming years, enthralling his fans with his memorable lyricism.

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