Marvel’s Avengers’ Winter Soldier DLC Gets Release Date


Crystal Dynamics announced in August that The Winter Soldier was headed to Marvel’s Avengers, but didn’t give any more details. And now, three months later, the studio has not only unveiled what Bucky Barnes will look like, but also revealed when he is coming to action RPG. He’ll be part of the game’s 2.7 update that is releasing on November 29.

The game’s website explains the backstory behind this version of the hero. Barnes was the “product of a Soviet black science program” and is built around dishing out damage in a “variety of ways.” This means players can spec towards being skilled at ranged combat or melee fighting. Barnes has some “echoes” of Black Widow’s and Captain America’s moves, but will have his own spin on them in a way that meshes with his cybernetic augmentations. He’ll also have new animations and a skill tree with abilities that Crystal Dynamics hasn’t revealed quite yet.

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It doesn’t seem like Barnes is getting his own big story DLC, meaning his mission chain might be more like Spider-Man’s instead of Black Panther’s ambitious War for Wakanda add-on. He will have a heroic mission chain, though, which has him working with the Avengers so he can remember how to be a hero. Those who complete that questline will get Barnes’ “iconic outfit.”

Scott Porter will be voicing the character. Porter, who has been in Friday Night Lights and Ultimate Spider-Man, was also Bucky in 2016’s Lego Marvel’s Avengers. While that game might preview what his Winter Soldier will sound like, players will be able to hear his take on the character in the upcoming Winter Soldier motion comic.

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The 2.7 update also has more MODOK-related content in it, including a new boss fight that will be different from the final battle in the main game. This event will be for high-level players, requiring a power level of 175. Crystal Dynamics didn’t have much to share beyond this update aside from it tuning heroes to make them feel as “fully heroic” as possible.

However, while Crystal Dynamics was secretive, dataminers were able to pull voice lines out of the game that referred the She-Hulk and Captain Marvel. These were found alongside Winter Soldier lines, which gives them some more credence.

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