18 Of The Best No Show Socks For Men That Stay Invisible and Comfortable (Updated 2022)


Achieving a casual fair-weather look around the ankles can be a tricky thing, especially if you don’t want to smell like you just lost a kicking contest with a swamp. In order to keep your feet smelling fresh in your favorite pair of shoes, you’re going to need the best no show socks for men.

As with any garment, there’s no shortage of outstanding options at your disposal. No show socks for men come in all shapes and sizes, and many of them are highly specialized. You’ll want to keep some in your everyday rotation, but also save a little room in your sock drawer for specific pairs like no show compression socks and socks made specifically for breathing and wicking sweat away while running. 

By all means, going sockless is an option—but it’s not without its inherent aromatic risks. Your best bet is opting for a carefully curated pair of invisible socks for men that look great, feel great, won’t slip down your ankles, and won’t make any unwanted appearances. 

As fate would have it, here come 18 of those right now. 

Our Top Picks

man putting on loafers with no show socks
olivercabell / Instagram

Bombas Men’s Cushioned No Show Socks

Material: 75% Cotton, 19% Polyester, 5% Spandex, 1% Nylon | Sizes Available: M-XL | Colors Available: Red, White, Yellow, Black, +

Bombas. You know them, you love them, and it should be no surprise that—in our sometimes-humble opinion—they make the best no-show socks for men. And if you happen to already own a pair or 17, consider this a formal congratulations. 

The seamless toe and the cushioned footbed are nice, but what really matters is that they’re just not going to fall down or bunch up regardless of what you’re doing in them. Unless you’ve entered another sock-pulling-off contest, in which case you’re on your own. Also, you should stop entering weird and specific contests. 

Pure Athlete Merino Wool Socks

Material: 53% Merino Wool, 36% Polypropylene, 7% Nylon, 4% Spandex | Sizes Available: S-XL | Colors Available: Multiple Options

These thick, no show socks for men are made from breathable, sweat-wicking merino wool. They’ve been manufactured with running and an active lifestyle in mind, as evidenced by the blister-reducing padded heel, the seamless toe, and the no-slip cuff. 

That said, all the features that make this a comfortable pair of running socks also make them a comfortable pair of socks for rainy day binge-watching sessions. The caveat: people will be able to see them. So they’ll be show socks instead of no-show soc… we’ll see ourselves out.  

Gap No-Show Socks 2-Pack

Material: 87% Cotton, 12% Polyester, 1% Spandex | Sizes Available: One Size | Colors Available: Black, Gray, White, Blue

Some of the best socks for men are also the most basic ones. Gap does basics and does them well. Nothing to write home about, but also nothing to ignore—especially in terms of how much mileage you stand to get out of this versatile black pair. 

The heel and toe are reinforced, the heel is ribbed to reduce slippage, and their majority-cotton construction will keep things nice and cozy under your low-cut shoes. Once you stock up, you’ll never have to think about these again (which is a good thing, promise).

Feetures no show socks

Material: 65% Polyester, 32% Nylon, 3% Spandex | Sizes Available: 6-12 | Colors Available: 7 Options

Not all compression socks need to climb up your calves, pitch a tent, and proclaim, “Hi, we’re compression socks.” In fact, some of the best supportive socks are hidden in plain sight like this technical-in-all-the-right-places option from Feetures. 

Breathability and sweat-wicking properties are present and accounted for, of course. Meanwhile, lycra bands provide targeted compression throughout the foot while simultaneously preventing bunching and slippage. Consider these an indispensable addition to your summer running arsenal. 

Hanes Men’s Performance No-Show Socks

Material: 56% Polyester, 34% Cotton, 7% Rayon, 2% Spandex, 1% Nylon | Sizes Available: 6-12 | Colors Available: White

Consider the basic white no show sock. It’s your foot’s trusty steed. Your everyday go-to for the hot months when it’s all ankle, all day. You don’t need much, but you need them to be comfortable, and you need them to stay on your feet.

Hanes would like nothing more than to provide those very basics for you. This 6-pack of invisible socks for men features ventilation panels and moisture-wicking fabric, making them as breathable and durable as you could ever expect from a summer staple. 

Boardroom Socks No-Show Socks

Material: 74% Merino Wool, 24% Nylon, 2% Spandex | Sizes Available: 7-12 | Colors Available: Beige, Gray, Brown, Black

The sockless loafer look is classic, timeless, and exudes effortless cool. Not only that, it’s an appropriate style choice for countless warm-weather occasions. But here’s the rub: warm weather. 

You know all too well that sweltering temps and going sockless are a recipe for olfactory disaster. So does North Carolina-based Boardroom Socks. Being a southern brand, they’re no strangers to humidity and the need to maintain gentlemanly composure during the worst of it. 

Boardroom’s no-shows manage to maintain a low profile (yes, low enough to stay hidden under an equally low-profile pair of loafers) while their silicone heel grips work hard in the background to eliminate slipping.  

Bombas Men’s Low-Cut No Show Sock 4-Pack 

Material: 65%% Cotton, 34% Polyester, 1% Spandex | Sizes Available: M-XL | Colors Available: White, Tan, Brown, Black, +

Pulling off a head-to-toe formal look while flashing naked ankles isn’t a rookie move, but it absolutely can and absolutely should be done. There’s no shortage of men’s dress socks dripping with personality and charm, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should always be wearing them. 

Low-cut loafers, wingtips, or other dress shoes require their own breed of no show socks. A breed that’s not quite hosiery and not quite sock. A breed that screams oceanfront wedding reception dance floor without smelling like oceanfront wedding reception dance floor. A breed that is Bombas’ super-low-cut 4-pack of invisible socks for men.

Tracksmith Merino No Show

Material: 73% Merino Wool, 26% Polyamide, 1% Elastane | Sizes Available: XS-L | Colors Available: Denim/Gold, White/Berry, Navy/Ivory, White/Gold

When it comes to running and all things running gear, Tracksmith obsesses over the details in all the right ways. True to form, every stitch of their Merino No Show socks for men was poured over to maximize comfort and durability during your short and long runs.

These beauties feature a slip-preventing back tab, thoughtful structure courtesy of a reinforced ribbed band running 360 degrees around the arch, and a mesh upper that provides breathability when you need it most. Which is always when you’re running. There’s literally no exception. Except maybe hot yoga, but you get it. 

NN07’s Three-Pack

Material: 75% Cotton, 14% Polyamide, 6% Polyester, 3% Elastane | Sizes Available: S-XL | Colors Available: White, Navy

The key to NN07’s no-show success is its internal heel gumming that creates a pocket for your heel and ensures that these otherwise basic socks stay where they’re supposed to.

These no show socks for men are nothing more and nothing less than a sturdy, comfortable pair of everyday basics that will do their job regardless of the season.  

Swiftwick Maxus One 3-Pack

Material: 64% Polyester, 33% Nylon, 3% Spandex | Sizes Available: S-XL | Colors Available: Black, White

Pretend, if you will, that the beverage cart has no sway over your penchant to care about how your feet feel on the back nine. In general, you want your golf socks to do three things: Breathe well, reduce friction, and not fall into the dark chasm otherwise known as the bottom of your shoes. 

Swiftwick has you covered and then some with their Maxus One no show socks for men. The Y-shaped heels help reduce slippage while comfort features like arch support and a seamless toe box take care of the rest. Yes, including the 19th hole. Don’t forget these make excellent golf gifts for the avid slicer in your life.  

MeUndies No Show Sock

Material: 100% Cotton | Sizes Available: S-XL | Colors Available: 67 Options

No show socks aren’t supposed to show. So it stands to reason that the color and design don’t matter, right? Not necessarily. You could be invited to a gathering where the host unexpectedly asks you to take your shoes off. You could be watching a movie with your partner on a brisk fall night. The list goes on.

Bottom line, there’s nothing wrong with adding a little color and interest to your socks. Part of why these are the best no show socks for men is that they’re made from super soft Supima cotton. But they also feature a silicone no-slip heel and come in a whopping 67 colors and patterns for when your now show socks become show socks. 

Minus 33 Mountain Heritage No Show Wool Socks

Material: 60% Merino Wool, 27% Nylon, 12% Stretch Nylon, 1% Spandex | Sizes Available: S-XL | Colors Available: 7 Options

It can be tough finding no show socks made with seasonal conditions in mind. The bare ankle look is predominantly a warm-weather one, after all. And while Minus 33’s Mountain Heritage sock will breathe well during the summer, it was made with all seasons in mind. 

Two elastic zones ensure comfort if you’re on your feet all day, and the merino wool construction will keep your feet cool even under the sturdiest of winter boots. 

Material: 98% Polyester, 2% Spandex | Sizes Available: 6-12 | Colors Available: Black

At the end of the day, the best no-show socks for men are still just… socks. Yes, some incorporate meticulous technical details. Some are made of luxurious fabrics. And while there should always be a spot in your drawer reserved for those types of socks, you’ll need some rough and tumble slap-ons as well.

Enter Fruit of the Loom’s contribution to our list of the best no show socks for men. It’s a four-pack of lightweight, breathable, reasonably priced socks that can’t be seen underneath a typical pair of sneakers. End scene.   

Thorlos Experia Techfit 

Material: 66% Thorwick Cool Polyester, 18% Polyester, 15% Nylon, 1% Elastic | Sizes Available: S-XL | Colors Available: Blue/White, Green/White, Black/Yellow, White/Gray, +

Thorlos designed their Experia Techfit foot bags with all things outdoor activity in mind. Hiking, biking, running, frolicking, you name it. The tab back is higher than a typical no show, which is a nod to its intended utility of hiding under running shoes and other active lifestyle-conducive footwear. 

Of course, the usual suspects also make an appearance here: maximum breathability, padded heels and balls to cushion impact, and a grippy interior to keep you focused on winning instead of your socks melting down to the bottom of your shoes.   

Duluth Trading Company Funk No! Copper No Show Socks

Material: 46% Cupron® Polyester, 33% Nylon, 8% Merino Wool, 8% Acrylic, 3% Polyester, 2% Spandex | Sizes Available: M-XL | Colors Available: Black, Gray, Khaki

And now to address the ankle-sized elephant in the room. Smell. Foot odor. Aka, the whole reason why invisible socks for men were invented in the first place. Well, Duluth Trading Company has shown up to fight the good fight in a grand, technical fashion. 

The aptly named Funk No socks were designed and manufactured specifically to fight, you guessed it, funk. Their patented copper technology is designed to kill odor-causing bacteria. Meanwhile, the merino wool blend helps wick away sweat to keep odors circulating away from the foot. Tell your sweat glands to do their worst—it’s child’s play for this niche sock.    

Zegna Cotton-Blend Jacquard Socks

Material: 75% Cotton, 25% Polyamide | Sizes Available: EU 39/42, EU 43/46 | Colors Available: Black/Gray Jacquard

When you think of invisible socks for men, you naturally associate them with legendary Italian fashion houses, right? 


Follow the alluring power of suggestion directly to Ermenegildo Zegna’s no show jacquard socks. Thoughtfully appointed with reinforced toes and heels, these hidden gems are emblazoned with Zegna’s “Tripe Stitch” pattern for a subtle flex when the shoes come off. And just like that, the sock flex is a thing.

Paul Smith No Show Socks

Material: 75% organic cotton, 22% polyamide, 3% elastane | Sizes Available: One Size Fits Most | Colors Available: Black, Navy, Gray

Keep your summer head-to-toe sustainable look going with these organic cotton socks. They’ll do everything in their power to keep your feet cool while barely making a peep in the weight department. You wouldn’t even know they were there had you not followed our sage advice and scooped up a pair or two. 

The cut is a bit too high for loafers, but they’ll stay out of sight and mind under a pair of crisp white sneakers or a pair of wingtips, depending on the occasion.  

Material: Combed Cotton Blend | Sizes Available: S-XL | Colors Available: 15 Options

Generally speaking, if you’re looking for a pair of the best no show socks for men that you can wear with any shoe, the lower the cut, the better. But if you have no intentions of wearing anything other than sneakers, opt for a higher-cut sock and all the bells and whistles that the extra real estate allows for.

Stance has come up with a super durable, super comfortable pair of no shows with a seamless toe construction, arch support, and targeted cushion throughout. 

What To Look For When Buying The Best No Show Socks For Men


The optimal material for your socks depends mainly on what you’ll be doing in them. If you’re planning on running or partaking in other activities that involve sweating in your no show socks, breathable material like merino wool is a solid choice. If general comfort is more your thing, a padded sock made mostly of cotton should work nicely. 

man putting on sneakers with the best no show socks
olivercabell / Instagram

Heel Grip

One of the biggest complaints when it comes to no show socks for men is that they bunch up, leaving a puddle of cotton and aggravation at the bottom of your shoes. To prevent this senseless sartorial crime from happening, seek out socks with non-slip silicone integrated into the heel or those that deploy other techniques that prioritize comfort and reduce bunching.  

Shoes you’ll be wearing them with

No-show socks are intended to be undetectable under a low-cut shoe, sure, but some shoes ride lower than others. Loafers, for instance, feature a deeper cut than sneakers. The DNA of a wingtip is completely different from that of a running shoe. It goes on. Before buying the first and/or cheapest pair of no-show socks that you see, let their unique utility be your guide.  


    • No-show socks are just that. They’re meant to be invisible under any footwear that’s appropriate for warm weather. Low-cut socks may still be fully hidden depending on the shoes, but most can be seen to some degree—think running or hiking socks.  

      • The best way to fold no-show socks is the way that you’re most comfortable with (and the way that won’t get them lost). But if you’re looking for a specific technique to hang your hat on, stack the socks on top of each other, fold them in half vertically, rinse, and repeat. 

        • Many of our picks for the best no-show socks for men feature silicon grips that are incorporated into the heels. These go a long way toward keeping your socks from slipping, as does the proper fit. 

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