5 Of The Best Men’s Deodorant for Sensitive Skin To Help Alleviate Discomfort (Updated 2022)


Any guy with sensitive skin will tell you the same old story. Often, a deodorant that is effective for your friends and family can cause your pits to sting and itch. When searching for the best men’s deodorant for sensitive skin, it’s important to read the ingredients and make sure to pass on products that contain potential irritants.

Fragrance can be another big issue for men with sensitive skin. Different fragrances can cause redness and irritation, not something anyone wants. The answer to your woes is a men’s deodorant for sensitive skin whose formula is fragrance and irritant-free.

You will see plenty of deodorants and antiperspirants sharing a shelf at your local drugstore. Yet, they don’t all do the same job. Did you know a deodorant prevents your armpits from unwanted odor by eliminating bacteria. But, deodorant doesn’t prevent perspiration (hint: it’s the antiperspirant that does).

An antiperspirant that blocks sweat ducts and prevents perspiration may seem like the obvious option. But antiperspirants can sometimes irritate sensitive skin, so shouldn’t be used without need. Either product is safe to use. Which you use depends on your needs. Antiperspirant for fighting sweat or deodorant to mask funky odors.

There are many different types of deodorants to fit into your lifestyle. The options include roll-ons, sprays, and creams. To find the best one for you, keep reading to discover the best men’s deodorant for sensitive skin.

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Each & Every deodorant ticks all the boxes when it comes to the best men’s deodorant for sensitive skin. Made from a soothing blend of clean ingredients and essential oil. It is suitable for delicate underarms.

Despite being extra-gentle, the product is effective. Offering long-lasting protection for body odor, even after the sweatiest of workouts. We love that this deodorant is available in a completely unscented, fragrance-free option. So guys sensitive to scent needn’t miss out.

There’s also a range of skin-friendly scents available too. We gravitate towards coconut-lime. After all, who doesn’t want to bring the smell of the tropics to their desk?

The product is vegan and cruelty-free. Even the most passionate eco-consumers can rest easy. The packaging is a sustainable, plant-based tube made from carbon-negative, recycled sugarcane.

Size: 2.5oz | Scent: Unscented | Active Ingredients: Coconut oil, tapioca starch, dead sea salt, ozokerite| Cruelty Free: Yes

Each and Every Coconut Deodorant

Are you sick of white deodorant marks on your shirt? You’ll love Ban Roll On Antiperspirant and Deodorant. The residue-free formula glides on clear and won’t flake onto clothing.

Although fragrance-free, the product offers 24 hours of protection against wetness and odor.

When choosing men’s deodorant for sensitive skin, you shouldn’t compromise on effectiveness. You can avoid irritating chemicals and still feel confident. Ban deodorant’s key ingredient is Kihada extract. This extract targets the underarm bacteria that causes our sweat to smell unpleasant.

The roller ball makes the application lightning fast. Pass the roller under arms a few times to apply an even layer of product. Make sure to give the deodorant a couple of minutes to dry before getting dressed.

Size: 3.5oz | Scent: Unscented | Active Ingredients: Aluminum chlorohydrate, sunflower seed oil, bark extract, barley extract, santalum album, sandalwood extract| Cruelty Free: Yes

Ban roll on deodorant

Some studies in the 60s and 70s suggested a link between aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease. This made people cautious about purchasing skincare containing aluminum for years.

However, there is no need to go and clear out your medicine cabinet. The studies were deemed unreliable by today’s experts. They say there’s no confirmed link between aluminum and Alzheimer’s.

However, there is still a good reason to consider opting for an aluminum-free men’s deodorant for sensitive skin. Lots of deodorant brands contain aluminum salts. These salts block pores, preventing sweat from reaching the skin’s surface. For guys with sensitive skin, this can lead to irritation, rashes, or pimples.

Native Deodorant is a probiotic, natural product. It battles odor all day long. The formula is cruelty and paraben-free. Plus, we love the invigorating eucalyptus and mint scent. It’s the perfect way to stay fresh and smelling sweet without blocking pores.

Size: 2.65oz | Scent: Eucalyptus & Mint | Active Ingredients: Caprylic triglyceride, tapioca starch, ozokerite, sodium bicarbonate, magnesium hydroxide, coconut oil, shea butter| Cruelty Free: Yes

Native Deodorant

The terms antiperspirant and deodorant tend to be used interchangeably. But there’s a big difference. Antiperspirant aims to block sweat from coming to the surface of the skin. Meanwhile, deodorant neutralizes the bacteria from sweat, eliminating odor.

This is by far the best men’s deodorant for sensitive skin that is effective at preventing sweating. Free from gluten, botanicals, parabens, lanolin, fragrance, dye, ethanol, and baking soda. This antiperspirant is as mild as it gets while still keeping sweat and smells at bay.

Vanicream says their product offers up to 24 hours of clinical-strength protection. Just smear a few swipes under the arms and ensure you apply an even layer. We love that the product doesn’t have a wet feel, so there is no need to air dry your pits before putting on your shirt.

Size: 2.25oz | Scent: Unscented | Active Ingredients: Aluminum zirconium trichlorohydrex | Cruelty Free: Yes

Vanicream Deodorant

There’s more to men’s deodorant for sensitive skin than sticks and roll-ons. If you’re a guy who prefers a spray, check out Nakd Thai Crystal Deodorant Spray. 

Spray is a convenient alternative for guys who don’t love the wet skin feel of cream stick deodorants. Nakd vegan spray is aluminum, cruelty, and paraben-free. The formula is available in a fragrance-free version. If you prefer scented products, the brand also has a range of fresh, natural fragrances.

Rather than using pore-blocking aluminum components, the blend contains 100% natural Thai mineral salts. These salts neutralize odor-causing bacteria. To beat the BO all day, after your morning shower, pat pits dry and spritz 4 sprays under each arm. No need to keep checking your white shirt either; the spray is anti-stain and residue.

Size: 8.45fl oz | Scent: Unscented | Active Ingredients: Aluminum zirconium trichlorohydrex | Cruelty Free: Yes

Nakd. Spray deodorant

What to Look for When Searching For The Best Men’s Deodorant for Sensitive Skin


According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), about 2.5 million Americans have fragrance allergies. So the best men’s deodorants for sensitive skin are natural and free from artificial ingredients. Stop underarm rashes and redness in their tracks. Choose products with antibacterial and disinfectant properties. Look for ingredients such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, and tea tree oil. Meanwhile, cornstarch and arrowroot are alternatives to baking soda and are natural absorbents.

If choosing an aluminum-free men’s deodorant for sensitive skin is important to you, look for a product that contains natural salts. Dead sea salt, for example, can neutralize odor-causing bacteria without blocking pores in the same way aluminum salts do.


The AAD also reports that allergies to fragrances are the leading cause of cosmetic contact dermatitis. A condition that can range from itching and redness to blisters and swelling. For irritation-free pits, look for products that gain fragrance from natural ingredients. Avoid synthetic scents.

Alternatively, opt for a completely fragrance-free product. If you’re skeptical of how a fragrance-free product can mask body odor, let us explain. Deodorants don’t prevent unpleasant smells by overpowering them with a better scent. Rather, the deodorant contains ingredients that combat the bacteria that cause the BO in the first place.  

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There are a few types of men’s deodorants for sensitive skin. Each one, whether a spray, roll-on, or cream, can affect the underarms differently. So, what are the minuses and pluses of each, and which type should you use?

First off, one of the most popular choices is the deodorant spray. This type is easy to apply, quick to dry, and often stain-free. On the flip side, sprays mean a lighter layer of product, so may need to be re-applied.

When it comes to roll-on formulas, they have good controllable coverage. They are economical to use and are pocket-sized. They can feel damp for longer after application and are less convenient to re-apply. 

Lastly, cream deodorants. The main plus point of this product type is it is water-resistant. This means there is no need to re-apply even after a gym workout or shower. Due to its creamy texture, the application does take a little getting used to at the beginning. What’s more, its formula may feel stickier.


    • The best men’s deodorant for sensitive skin should keep you fresh and uses all-natural ingredients. Favor products that are paraben, silicone, gluten, ethanol, dye, and lanolin-free. It may seem impossible to avoid so many common drugstore ingredients. Don’t worry, you’ll find plenty of options on our list that meet the criteria.

      It’s also helpful to choose one that features a few natural moisturizers. Four of our favorites are jojoba oil, coconut oil, shea butter, and aloe vera. These lock moisture into the skin but don’t contribute to body odor. If you don’t mind a non-all-natural deodorant, look for products that include glycol. This component traps moisture into the skin to boost its protective barrier.

      • Often the body will reject ingredients that aren’t natural. The deodorant ingredients that can cause irritation can include synthetic fragrances, dyes, parabens, aluminum, and alcohol. Some of these make dry skin even drier, which is bad news for anyone with sensitive pits. Baking soda is another contender for causing irritation and redness. It is a natural odor neutralizer but can alter the skin’s pH level. The result may be irritation, redness, and dreaded dryness. 

        Board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Dhaval Bhanusali explains, “sweat itself doesn’t have an odor. The smell is caused by bacteria metabolizing the dead skin cells and salts in sweat.” Which means you don’t need to be worried about ditching something with a heavy fragrance.

        A product that is both an antiperspirant and deodorant is a great choice for active guys. “Deodorants work to mask odors associated with sweating,” Dr. Bhanusali explains. “Whereas antiperspirants work to decrease the amount of sweat produced.”

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