SohoJohnny Proclaims: “A Mandate For Humanity” “Words of Inspiration”

SohoJohnny Proclaims: “A Mandate For Humanity” “Words of Inspiration”
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Media philanthropist, entrepreneur, and TV/radio personality after sadly losing his 93 year old mom to COVID 19 has announced ” Mandate For Humanity.”

“My hand maybe too short to box with God….but I sure will box with the devil”…..SohoJohnny

“You never felt what’s it like to have a hangnail until you have one. Now we’ve had that hangnail in all our lives…..and now we appreciate not getting one again. So now we should value each other. Every experience in life should be a treasure. It speaks to the very core of our human spirit. Most of us revere our Faith. But even if you were an atheist humanity is common sense, it’s to be there for each other and to come forward.

Not wishing to sound like Billy Graham in a time when the planet has completely shut down as in the classic film “The Day the Earth Stood Still” or while we are living amidst a true to life “Twilight Zone”, SohoJohnny would like to invite the people all over who are suffering to celebrate a glimmer of inspiration. While we as humans tend to take our day to day lives for granted, not because were bad people but rather because we just were not thinking. This virus with an attitude has given us the chance to think and  contemplate what’s important.

“We should all have a sense of humanity, no one can contest that.” ….SohoJohnny

Symbolically SohoJohnny wants people who are grieving to “take his hand.” Tragedy unites people, it can act like a life force stronger than a spiraling avalanche. Joy should not be shared alone. Just the shear feeling of elation prods you to share the excitement. Grief when shared is lessened.

“When so many are lonely or seem to be lonely, it would be inexcusably selfish to be lonely alone”…. Tennessee Williams

Enter “Let Me Help, INC”

The official website for SohoJohnny may be found at



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