A look back at this weeks biggest stories


Whether it’s important, depressing or just entertaining, the telecoms industry is always one which attracts attention.

Here are the stories we think are worth a second look at this week:

China raises the Huawei stakes by charging two Canadians with spying

Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor have been imprisoned for 18 months and have only been charged after the Huawei CFO lost her extradition appeal.

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White House pressure reportedly forces Huawei into flagship smartphone delay

Rumours have emerged to suggest Huawei has asked suppliers to halt production of components as it assesses the damage inflicted by political tension.

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Deutsche Telekom vaults itself forward in the 5G race

In what should be described as somewhat of a slow burner, Deutsche Telekom has made the bold claim it will be able to connect 50% of its population to 5G by mid-July.

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Softbank confirms it is exploring sale of T-Mobile US stake

Japanese telecoms operator Softbank has confirmed it is exploring options to offload its stake in T-Mobile US as COVID-19 weighs very heavily on other investments.

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Ericsson raises its 2020 global 5G subscriptions forecast due to China

The latest version of the Ericsson Mobility Report reckons global 5G subscriptions will reach 190 million by the end of 2020, due to faster than expected Chinese uptake.

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WhatsApp launches digital payments platform in Brazil

Social media giant Facebook has made the first tentative steps towards the digital payment environment with its WhatsApp messaging platform in Brazil.

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