Zoe Kravitz on Seeing Robert Pattinson in The Batman Suit: He’s the Man for This Job


The Batman is a hotly anticipated movie among comic book fans. The Matt Reeves-helmed action-adventure film will see Robert Pattinson in the title role of the Dark Knight. Zoe Kravitz is also part of the narrative as Selina Kyle aka Catwoman. In a recent interview for the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Kravitz hinted that Batman fans will be very happy with what Pattinson brings to the role.

“It’s amazing. I mean, he’s Batman. When he’s wearing that costume, he’s Batman. It’s interesting. You don’t really get used to seeing Batman walk past you because we’ve all grown up with this character. It’s like a pinch me moment all the time, and he’s wonderful, he’s really wonderful.”

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“There’s sometimes I have moments, especially like when I auditioned, I remember just feeling silly. He was only in half the suit because it was just a camera test, and just thinking like ‘We’re adults and we’re dressed up like Batman,’ and we’re doing a really dramatic scene. Sometimes it’s like ‘Oh my god, this is happening” and sometimes it’s like ‘This is funny.'”

Trying to do a serious scene while wearing half a Batman suit would certainly have been amusing to some extent. But Zo&ë Kravitz goes on to say that Pattinson’s performance and the script really sell the world Reeves is looking to build for the movie.

“It’s great and he is absolutely the man for this job. The script is phenomenal.”

Aside from seeing Robert Pattinson in the Dark Knight armor, the actress will be wearing her own supervillain costume for the film. And it is one that has already been canonized in pop culture through past iconic portrayals of the character, from Julie Newmar, Michelle Pfeiffer, to Anne Hathaway. But Kravitz believes her own Catwoman costume can stand on its own and is excited to introduce it to the world.

“We were shooting for about two months. I think if this hadn’t happened, I think it would’ve come out by now. I love it… The tone of this film very much feels like it’s own thing. I didn’t really think about how difficult it is to think about how difficult it is to make something as simple as a Catsuit original but it’s like, ‘How do you reinvent the jean jacket?’ … But Jacqueline Durran, our costume designer, is amazing.”

The Batman is set in the early days of the Dark Knight’s career as a crime fighter. Reeves has described in past interviews how his interpretation of the character will lay greater emphasis on his title as the world’s greatest detective, rather than as simply a great brawler.

The movie will also introduce a host of characters from Batman’s rogue’s gallery, including The Riddler, played by Paul Dano, Penguin, played by Colin Farrell, Carmine Falcone, played by John Turturro, and Kravitz as Catwoman. From what we know of the plot so far, Batman will be seen investigating a crime with a lineup of multiple suspects, consisting of the previously-mentioned villains. This was first spoken on the Happy Sad Confused Podcast. Topper art comes from @willgray_art on Instagram.

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