James Hetfield to Release Coffee Table Book ‘Reclaimed Rust’


James Hetfield has had quite the quarantine. He put his craftsman skills to the test and made two coffee tables in his garage in Colorado, which are currently being raffled off until the end of the month. His latest feat is a book for those coffee tables called Reclaimed Rust: The Four-Wheeled Creations Of James Hetfield.

Reclaimed Rust! My art book of cars that over the last few decades I’ve been building and put together,” Papa Het said in an unboxing video on Metallica‘s YouTube channel. The 192-page book will be available July 28, and comes both in a standard edition as well as a limited edition.

The limited edition version box sets are signed and numbered, feature a leather cover and come with a metal car plaque, towel, keychain and lithographs.

Watch the unboxing videos below. Pre-order the limited edition version here, and the regular version, which comes with just the book, at this location.


James Hetfield - Reclaimed Rust Limited Edition Unboxing

James Hetfield - Reclaimed Rust Standard Edition Unboxing

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