A New Online Mental Health Platform is Encouraging Canadians to #TakeThatStep

Image courtesy Wellness Together Canada

As part of Wellness Together’s #TakeThatStep initiative, these Vans limited-edition shoes are being distributed to public figures across Canada to share their own stories about mental health and inspire others.

Wellness Together Canada, a new online platform offering free and immediate mental health support for people of all ages in every province and territory, has just kickstarted a social media campaign to encourage Canadians to reach out for support. Launched in mid-April in response to growing mental health concerns as a result of COVID-19, the service is funded by the Government of Canada and offers support in both official languages.

The platform’s #TakeThatStep campaign encourages people to take a step for their mental health by accessing free and immediate support online, with 6,000 people across Canada powering the platform 24/7. To bring the initiative to life, Wellness Together has teamed up with Jacquie Comrie, a Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist whose work focuses on the intersection of art and wellness.

Comrie, who uses colour as a medium of social impact and mental health, has created a limited-edition Vans shoe that is being distributed to public figures across Canada to share their own stories about mental health and inspire others. Each colourful, hand-painted shoe represents the deeply personal action of taking steps towards your own mental well-being.

“With many people in Canada grappling with different realities, the #TakeThatStep shoe design was created with community in mind to address the importance of healing and caring for our mental health through these difficult times,” says Comrie. “The steps taken can be big or small. That is why it’s important for us to have resources available like Wellness Together Canada to provide what you need at that moment in time to continue on your journey.”

Wellness Together Canada provides a “stepped care” model where Canadians can be instantly connected to virtual mental health services, from a five-minute self-assessment, to extensive support and resources, to live phone, video or text counselling with a mental health professional or crisis responder.

For more mental health resources, look through our roundup of affordable therapy and counselling services across Canada, and our list of mental health organizations working specifically within the Black community.

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