Space Force Season 1 Episode 7 and Episode 8 Recap


In the previous episode of Netflix’s Space Force, POTUS canceled Naird’s conjugal visit with his wife, and Erin and Duncan flirted at the frozen yogurt stall. In Space Force Season 1 Episode 7, POTUS insisted that Space Force use Edison Jaymes’ Skinny Fuel, and in Space Force Season 1 Episode 8, Naird finally was able to visit Maggie.

Skinny Fuel

POTUS wanted Space Force to look to the private sector to provide rocket fuel. Edison Jaymes, an Elizabeth Holmes type, arrived to present her rosé-tinted, clean fuel called Skinny Fuel. Naird pitched a handshaking machine that would allow people to shake hands across the world to her, and she encouraged it. When presenting Skinny Fuel, she refused to answer Mallory’s question about the formula. After speaking with her publicist, F. Tony got the impression that Skinny Fuel didn’t work as advertised. He warned Naird, who switched out the fuel at the last minute.

Open Marriage

Space Force Season 1 Episode 7 and Episode 8 Recap

Naird was finally able to go on a conjugal visit with Maggie. Maggie asked him for an open marriage since her sentence was for forty years. Naird was against the idea and wondered why she didn’t just ask for a divorce. Maggie insisted that there was more to their relationship than sexual exclusivity. She wanted both of them to be free to satisfy their needs without dishonesty.

Meanwhile, at Space Force, China had made to the moon, escalating their timeline. Brad, Dr. Mallory, and F. Tony looked for and negotiated with civilian specialists to fill out the building team on the Moon.

Botany and K-Pop

Space Force Season 1 Episode 7 and Episode 8 Recap

Capt. Ali approached Dr. Chan about wanting to learn about botany. She wanted to be an astronaut. Through their tutoring lessons, they became friends. Chan drove Ali to Denver for her eye appointment. They bonded over K-Pop dance moves and anime, even though Ali was temporarily without her vision.


Space Force Season 1 Episode 7 and Episode 8 Recap

Erin abandoned her froyo stall to check out Edison Jaymes’s car. Unfortunately, Duncan showed up and scared her, making her drop her chocolate cone and make a mess in the car. Duncan told her that he was reading conspiracy theory websites to impress her and that he had aphantasia, an inability to visualize images.

Not knowing that Naird’s visit with Maggie was a conjugal one, she insisted on coming with him. While waiting outside, some prisoners spoke to Erin from the rec yard. They told her that Maggie ran the most exclusive book club, and Erin ran with them during their rec time. However, when Naird left in his chopper, he left Erin behind.

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