A.I. Bot Writes Lyrics to Metallica Song, Hardly Uses ‘YEAH!’


The prospect of artificial intelligence writing music sounds like it was plucked straight from the narrative of Rush‘s 2112. We’re 88 years away from that conceptual point in time, but the reality is here — sort of. An artificial intelligence bot was programmed to take in Metallica‘s lyrics and spit them out anew as heard in the old school Metallica-styled song “Deliverance Rides.”

This song comes from YouTuber Funk Turkey, who you may remember as the one behind that hysterical AC/DC-styled jam “Great Balls,” for which a bot also wrote the lyrics for. Here’s how it all works: Funk Turkey ran all of Metallica’s lyrics using the lyrics.rip website and fed them through a Markov Chain (in the loosest of words, a computer model for a certain type of probability).

The result is what you see below and we’ve reprinted the lyrics from “Deliverance Rides.” It should be noted that the A.I. bot did not write the music — that was all Funk Turkey, who really did a remarkable job straddling the …And Justice for All and ‘Black Album’ production values. The dude is also a dead ringer for James Hetfield – at first we were convinced it was actually Papa Het.

Our one complaint, however, is that the song doesn’t possess the word “yeah” nearly enough, despite being used in succession in the chorus. Even A.I. has it’s faults apparently, especially considering the word “rock” wasn’t even featured in that aforementioned AC/DC-style tune.

Take a listen to “Deliverance Rides” toward the bottom of the page.

Beaten down and destroy
Dead sure she’ll never you betray
Hell is the one who waits for you
Now I roam the world all alone

Bound by leather steeds they ride
Crown yourself the world and tired
Dying, the one who waits for you
No, there’s no longer cares

I’m the sun, I’m insane
Yes she’ll never love
Never me, so let it be
Obey your eyes

Death! Deliverance rides!
Yeah-yeah, no!

Bound by minutes seemed like hours
Killing scores with the flame
Behind the pages turn the door
Die as you live in vanity

Curses rest on our brains
No, there’s an evil feeling in vain
I can’t believe I stand alone
Beast under wicked sky

I’m the sun, I’m insane
Yes she’ll never love
Never me, so let it be
Obey your eyes

Death! Deliverance rides!

Hold the door should I wish for death
The price all you say
Die as you be there when I’m the sun
Assuring me all eternity
I can’t believe the death of day
The dark of wretched pain
Where I see the one thousand deaths
Never free in vain

I’m the sun, I’m insane
Yes, she’ll never love
Never me, so let it be
Obey your eyes

Death! Deliverance rides!
Hey, hey!

For now, “Deliverance Rides” should scratch the itch for some new Metallica music. The band recently dished out a new version of “Blackened,” which was recorded in quarantine. Lars Ulrich even said if the lockdown remains in place long enough, there’s a “very good chance” the mighty Metallica will write their first album since Hardwired… To Self-Destruct came out in 2016.

A.I. Bot Writes Metallica Lyrics for Old School Style Song

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