15 new books coming out today.

Katie Yee

June 9, 2020, 4:50am

Another week, another brand-new batch of books to order from one of these black-owned independent bookstores!


broken people

Sam Lansky, Broken People
(Hanover Square Press)

“With humor, verve, and cut-to-the-bone revelations, Lansky takes readers on an enthralling adventure.”
–Publishers Weekly

Jennifer Worley, Neon Girls
(Harper Perennial)

“A vivid and erudite exploration of class struggle and gender identity.”

Zaina Arafat, You Exist Too Much

Zaina Arafat, You Exist Too Much

“For anyone who’s ever felt their body or identity takes up too much space, this deeply affecting story of doubt and love is a gut-punch and a solace.”

Joyce Carol Oates, Night. Sleep. Death. The Stars.

Joyce Carol Oates, Night. Sleep. Death. The Stars.
(Ecco Press)

“With precise, authoritative prose that reads like an inquest written by a poet … Oates keep the reader engaged throughout the sprawling narrative.”

Jean Kyoung Frazier, Pizza Girl

Jean Kyoung Frazier, Pizza Girl

“[A] quirky and emotionally resonant L.A.-set debut…Offbeat, polished, and heartfelt.”

Douglas Boin, Alaric the Goth
(W. W. Norton)

“Anyone who appreciates vividly detailed stories of the past or is morbidly curious about the dying days of a wealthy, self-important, diverse, autocratic global power should pick this up.”

Viv Groskop, Au Revoir, Tristesse
(Abrams Press)

“This is a book to dip into cheerfully, whether to recall novels read years ago or to find an entertaining entrée into those yet unread.”
–Publishers Weekly

Dominique Crenn, Rebel Chef
(Penguin Press)

“This enthusiastic memoir will thrill foodies and inspire hopeful chefs.”
–Publishers Weekly

Heather Young, The Distant Dead
(William Morrow)

“Stunning … An ideal recommendation for fans of Kate Atkinson.”

Andrew Coté, Honey and Venom

” A good companion for anyone contemplating apiculture.”
–Library Journal

lauren ho

Lauren Ho, Last Tang Standing
(G.P. Putnam’s Sons)

“A lush portrayal of Singapore life filled with vibrant characters and a lovable leading lady readers will root for.”

the ghosts of sherwood

Carrie Vaughn, The Ghosts of Sherwood

“…marvelously compelling … located in time but also timeless, just close enough to that ageless mythic core to get some of its magic.”
–The Nerd Daily

Stacey Abrams, Our Time is Now
(Henry Holt)

“A detailed exposé of how our democracy has been eroded—and a plan to fix it—from an up-and-coming national leader.”

Stephanie Kelton, The Deficit Myth

“Stephanie Kelton carefully articulates a message that obliterates economic orthodoxy about public finance, which assumes that taxes precede spending and deficits are bad.”
–David Cay Johnston, recipient of the Pulitzer Prize

Matthew Crawford, Why We Drive
(William Morrow)

“This book will have you pining for the freedom the open road has always represented.”

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