The Last Jedi Actor Thinks Broom Boy Will Return as a Jedi in a Future Star Wars Movie


The Last Jedi actor who portrayed Temiri Blagg, aka “Broom Boy,” believes there’s a future in the Star Wars franchise for the character as a Jedi. Rian Johnson’s second installment in the sequel trilogy is by far the most divisive out of the bunch, with “Broom Boy” being an element that many fans were not into. Whatever the case may be, the character offered hope to the rest of the galaxy and left the door open for some future storytelling which would not have to be told through the Skywalker Saga.

In a new interview, 12-year old Temirlan Blaev talked about his “Broom Boy” character and his reveal in The Last Jedi. Seeing the character on the big screen certainly raised a lot of questions amongst Star Wars fans, which the young actor understands. Blaev had this to say about his character’s Force abilities.

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“I think it was unexpected, but everyone’s reaction, it just said, ‘Who is this boy? What could this mean? Is he the next Jedi? Who is he?’ I think that brought a lot of talk up about who my character really was. After I read the script, I kind of understood that he was Force-sensitive. I thought to myself that could mean something about my character.”

Lucasfilm is moving away from the Skywalker Saga and will be focusing on new characters for the future on the big screen. Broom Boy fits that category, but could we see more of him in the future? “A lot of people were asking me [about returning], and I said, ‘We’ll have to wait and see if I get called back,'” Temirlan Blaev said. On whether or not he might return to the Star Wars franchise, Blaev states, “There could be a chance to actually continue the story of the character. I think it could happen. I would be up for it.”

The Rise of Skywalker would have been an interesting place to bring “Broom Boy” back, but J.J. Abrams already had enough on his plate by that point. Plus, Abrams and the studio seem like they wanted to get as far away from The Last Jedi as possible when bringing the latest trilogy to an end. Even Temirlan Blaev thought there could have been room for him in the final installment. He explains.

“I wasn’t sure, because it could have been, yes, he [J.J. Abrams] would have continued my story, how Rey would have trained me or helped me in some way. But at the same time, am I really that important? Am I someone big or am I really just a boy, a lucky boy in a galaxy far, far away?”

In the end, it’s unclear whether or not we’ll ever see “Broom Boy” ever again. As time goes on, he’ll be Broom Man, so we might need to see some recasting if Lucasfilm intends on going down that rabbit hole. Anything is possible in the Star Wars galaxy, so we’ll really just have to wait and see what happens in the coming months and years. You can watch the interview with Temirlan Blaev below, thanks to Jamie Stangroom’s YouTube channel.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb

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