Shane 54 Launches ‘The Cooking DJ’ Show, Teaching You How To Make Delicious Food From The Comfort Of Your Home


Since the outbreak of COVID-19, our lives and schedules have been flipped upside down. With so many looming questions about where the music industry will go or what the future holds, artists, industry workers, and fans have primarily been quarantined at home, looking to DJ live streams, zoom calls with surprise DJ’s, and virtual music festivals to help get through this troubling time.

Amidst all of this craziness, one DJ decided to do something different. Something daring. Something to help people in more ways than just offering music, but instead with cooking. I’m talking about the legendary trance artist Shane 54. His music and success from that speaks for itself, but until recently, you may not have known he’s also an incredible cook!

In response to social distancing and stay at home orders, Shane decided to launch ‘The Cooking DJ‘ show on his Youtube channel, teaching his fans how to make delicious meals and desserts, some of which you may have never tasted before, with simple ingredients that you can create this right from the comfort of your own home!

The video’s are usually around 4 minutes in length and never fail to bring plenty of entertainment from start to finish. He’s an impeccable narrator and each episode features some sort of prog trance track to ride underneath as he teaches how to cook the food.

If you’re like us and already salivating a little from seeing these videos in this article, go and try your hand at cooking! Also, if you cook any of the dishes from these video’s, Shane 54 says to make a video and a photo of the result (you don’t have to record the whole process) and post it on Twitter and Instagram using#COOKINGDJ and you’ll definitely will end up in one of the episodes!

If you’d like to see other cooking videos from Shane 54, click here.

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