Jurassic World Concept Art Reveals Never-Before-Seen Hybrid Dinosaur


Some newly revealed Jurassic World concept art shows us another hybrid dinosaur that nearly made it into the movie. The art in question was shared by Ian Joyner, who did some work design work for the 2015 blockbuster. While it was being developed, there was a proposal to have a stegosaurus and triceratops hybrid known as the Stegoceratops.

The art sees a yellow and black beast with the body of a stegosaurus, but the head of a triceratops. Interestingly, the man-made creation is seen with a baby, which implies that the folks at the park either made multiple versions of the creature, or it has somehow reproduced. Ian Joyner had this to say about the artwork in his caption.

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“Stegoceratops! A Hybrid #dinosaur design for #jurassicworld A version of these guys ended up in the mobile game, but here was some early development for the movie. The very talented Bodin Sterba did a great one as well which I think they used for the game itself?”

Jurassic World helped to reinvigorate the Jurassic Park franchise after it had been dormant for 14 years. The previous entry, 2001’s Jurassic Park III, left much to be desired and led to a lengthy development process before the fourth installment was finally released. In it, the idea of hybrid dinos is introduced with the Indominous Rex. The creature is created to help generate interest in the park as attendance is starting to taper off now that the public is used to what dinosaurs they have to offer. T-rex and raptor DNA were used to make the beast and, as it turns out, that wasn’t the best idea.

The idea of combining various bits of dino DNA was further explored in 2018’s sequel, Fallen Kingdom. We were introduced to the Indoraptor, which was more or less a much smaller, more agile version of the Indominous Rex. Again, this experiment ended poorly as the killing machine was let loose. Whether or not we will see any hybrids in the upcoming Jurassic World 3, aka Jurassic World: Dominion, remains to be seen. This Stegoceratops could be repurposed by director Colin Trevorrow, should he so choose.

Jurassic World proved to be hugely successful, taking in $1.67 billion at the global box office. It remains the sixth-highest-grossing movie ever released. Filming began on the finale to the current trilogy in February but production was forced to shut down in mid-March. Sam Neill, who is making his return as Alan Grant, recently expressed that he hopes filming can pick up again in July. Jurassic World: Dominion will see dinosaurs out in the real world, living alongside humans. This was previewed in the live-action short Battle at Big Rock, which was released last year. While we wait for that movie to arrive next year, be sure to check out the new concept art from Ian Joyner’s Instagram.

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