Mallrats 2 Will Be a Multi-Generational Tale That Closely Resembles the Original


Twilight of the Mallrats is going to feature a very familiar cast. Kevin Smith just gave an update about the sequel, noting that everybody from the poster will be making an appearance. Stan Lee is featured on the original 1995 poster, but he sadly passed away in 2018. However, there will more than likely be more than a few tributes to the Marvel Comics maestro when Smith gets done with the story.

Kevin Smith had already announced that Jason Lee, Shannen Doherty, Michael Rooker, Ethan Suplee, Ben Affleck, and more were going to return for Mallrats 2: Twilight of the Mallrats. However, it appears that Jeremy London and Claire Forlani will also be on board for the highly anticipated sequel, though Smith has not mentioned them by name yet. But, this would count as all of the characters on the poster, including Sven-Ole Thorsen who is returning as LaFours, along with Smith and Jason Mewes. Smith had this to say.

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Twilight of the Mallrats more closely resembles what the world knows Mallrats to be, a day in the life of this shopping center. So the whole movie is set against the backdrop of this dying behemoth that only Brodie (Jason Lee) wants to save, and everybody who is on the poster comes back… I wrote everybody (in).”

We’ve known about Jason Lee’s Brodie wanting to save the mall for some time now. However, it’s unclear how this will go down. Originally, Twilight of the Mallrats was going to have some Die Hard elements, but Kevin Smith went back to the drawing board for the new script, which might be kind of a bummer for some fans who were looking forward to some Bruce Willis action. Smith went on to speak more about the sequel. You can read what he had to say below.

“It’s very in keeping with what I do and at the same time it’s very current as well… We saw Jay and his daughter galivanting in that movie and in Twilight of the Mallrats, Brodie’s daughter is a big factor, Banner. So it’s a multi-generational tale, but it turned out wonderful.”

Twilight of the Mallrats is coming along while Kevin Smith spends his time indoors. The director/writer has encouraged fans to tap into their own creative energy during this time to help stay positive, noting that it has helped him out quite a bit over the past handful of weeks. With that being said, Smith is constantly busy on all types of projects, so one would imagine that this isn’t too different from normal for him, other than the whole not going outside aspect of all of this.

It’s unclear at this point when Mallrats 2: Twilight of the Mallrats will be able to begin production, which means there is no release date on tap either. Whatever the case may be, it sounds like Kevin Smith has all of his ducks in a row for when the sequel will finally be able to start shooting. Until then, we’ll have to wait for the director to give us the update. The interview with Smith was originally conducted by IMDb.

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